18th Shawwal 1425 Hijree, December 1, 2004
Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi


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A miracle under Imam Hussein (p) dome, happened on 28 Nov , 2004


(From HOLY KARBALA) - People witnessed on Sunday 28 November, 2004, a miracle of grandson of holy Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (p), Chief of Martyrs Al-Imam Al-Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib (p), in favor of a young renowned Husseini dirge-chanter Ghassan Al-Karbalayi.

According to details, Ghassan Al-Karbalayi, born in Baghdad, had been serving the Husseini pulpit in Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria and many other countries until the day he faced a road accident two years ago at a road from Tehran to Isfahan while returning from Kuwait after observing and reciting dirges there to mark Arbaeen Al-Husseini, or the 40th day after the martyrdom of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p). As a result of this accident, Al-Karbalayi lost his memory. After six months he was relieved of it, but his health continued deteriorating and he remained dumb and paralyzed until Sunday 28 November, 2004 when for the first time after two years he was able to stand on his feet, then he walked and spoke.


Al-Karbalayi’s father told that they came here from Iran to perform zyarah and offer dua at the holy mausoleum of Al-Imam Abi Abdellahil Hussein (p) after they were barred for several years from this due to Saddam regime which forced his family to migrate from their own country – Iraq -.  He said when we entered the holy compound and therefrom the holy mausoleum, my son Ghassan asked me through gestures to leave him pulling himself on his knees and hands until he himself reaches to the zarih (tomb) of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) and asks Allah to heal him for the sake of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p). Our tears were flowing with our each step towards the holy zarih. And Husseini miracle appeared when Ghassan asked me through gesture to help him in standing on his feet after he informed me through gesture that he is feeling a heat running towards his feet and then to his other body parts. I did what Ghassan asked me to do. When he stood up, suddenly I found him speaking to me: “Leave me to stand up by myself,” and more than this that he took steps. I could not control myself seeing all this miracle, and unconsciously ran towards the holy compound telling everyone in loud voice with great happiness all what happened to my son praising Allah and invoking His blessings on the Holy Prophet (p) and his Ahlil Bayt (pure progeny (p)).

When Ghassan Al-Karbalayi was asked: “Did you know what would happen to you if you would achieve an honor of visiting Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) after a long time?”  He replied: “Yeah, I had seen all this in dream before reaching in the holy city of Karbala, and as if it was promised from Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) to his servants that they will succeed with his special favor and kindness in this world and the hereafter. And what happened to me is the biggest proof of Ahlul Bayt (p)’s high status and the greatest reply to those who disbelieve Ahlul Bayt (p)’s supremacy and their miracles.”

He further told that the physicians treating me had many a time asked my father to donate my body parts as they were disappointed of my recovery and had declared me dead. But by the grace of Allah and favour of this great Imam (p) I can move now, see and speak as if nothing had happened to me.



Replying to this query “what was the first deed you performed soon after your healing?”, he said: “I came out of the holy mausoleum and my sight focused on a pulpit. I went to it immediately, people gathered around me and I started reciting Husseini dirges while weeping. People were also weeping.”

One of companions of Ghassan Al-Karbalayi in his travel to Holy Karbala told that when they were about to begin their journey, some of their friends and neighbors came there to see them off. One of them was a Christian man, when he came to know their intention he said ‘if you would achieve this miracle from Al-Hussein (p), I will announce my Islam.”


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