Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi
Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee 8 Shawal Al-Mukarram 1429 Hijra

With the name of Allah Who is Most Beneficent and Merciful.

 Oh, Ahle Bait Rasool (SAAW) Allah desires to keep you away from all type of Rijs and keep you purified of every thing (Surah Ahzab Ayah 33). This Ayah is called Ayah-e-Tatheer. Ummul Momineen Hazrat Umm-e-Salma who has the honour of being the Sahabia-e-Rasool states that the Rasool Allah (SAAW) gathered Fatima (S.A.) Ali (A.S.), Hassan (A.S.) and Hussain (A.S.) under the Kisa and said  Oh, Allah! These are my Ahle Bait (A.S.). Keep away all types of Rijs from them. Hazrat Umm-e-Salma asked  Oh, Rasool Allah (SAAW), am I from amongst them? The reply was  You are good at your place (Sunan Tirmizi, Edition 5, Page 663). That is why Allah has declared devotion with Ahle Bait (A.S.) as Ajr-e-Risalat  Oh, Rasool (SAAW), tell them that I do not ask for any return of it (preaching Risalat) except devotion with my near ones (Ahle Bait) (Surah Shurah Ayah 23). Therefore, devotion with Allah has been declared as a condition for Iman according to Quran. He (SAAW) said no doubt, there are three Hurmats for Allah, if any one gave relaxation with them and protected them then Allah would protect his affairs here and the Hereafter and if anyone does not protect His Hurmat then He would not give any relaxation.

 Hurmat of Islam is my Hurmat and that of mine is that of Ahle Bait (Al-Mojam Al-Kabeer, Edition 3). On the basis of it, Rasool (SAAW) and Ahle Bait Rasool were declared ‘Waseela’ (source) and it is crystal clear that without any ‘Waseela’ no one can reach Allah. Like worships and good deeds are ‘Waseela’ likewise Aulia and Swaleheen are also ‘Waseela’. Allah Says: Oh, people in Iman! Fear from Allah and find out ‘Waseela’ for reaching Me, perform jehad in His way so that you become successful. It is revealed that everything that keeps us near to Allah and creates Taqwah in our hearts has the ability to be respected and that is ‘Waseela’. When articles could become ‘Waseela’ then Anbia and Aulia are also enjoy the status of ‘Waseela’. Bait Allah, Hajr-e-Aswad and Kalam Allah are ‘Waseela’. Then why Anbia, Mursaleen, Shuhada, Siddiqeen, and Ahle Bait Athaar (A.S.) could not be ‘Waseela’? The Paighambar-e-Akram (SAAW) when asked, said:  These are the personalities then when we look at them Allah comes to our mind (Tafseer-e-Tibri, Edition 7). Allah Has given commandment to His men that  (Surah Aal-e-Imran Ayah 103)  Commandment has not been given to hold Allah but to hold  and that Habal Allah are definitely Quran and Ahle Bait (A.S.) that has been proved correct from Hadees-e-Saqlain that goes:  that I am leaving two valuable things amongst you i.e. Quran and Ahle Bait (A.S.), keep yourself stuck to these and you will not be misled, these two will never separate from one another unless they reach me at Hoz-e-Kausar. The clear-cut indicators of Habal Allah are Quran and Ahle Bait (A.S.) commandment for sticking to them has been given. Becoming near to them is like becoming near to Allah. Worship is for Allah  Oh, people in Iman! Worship your Allah Who created you and those who were before you, there is a possibility that you become pious (Surah Baqarah Ayah 22). And Quran and Ahle Bait (A.S.) are declared Habal Allah while Sha’air Allah are respectable. On this basis, people seek their Hajaat through Anbia and Swaleheen since the era of Hazoor-e-Akram (SAAW) to-date because these are the holy personalities that are most near to Allah and Hajaat are sought through them. When after Wafaat-e-Rasool, Ahle Madinah faced drought, they lodged their complaint with Ummul Momineen Hazrat Aisha. She said, look towards the grave of the Rasool (SAAW) and consider it the ‘Dareechah’ of the sky and nothing should come between the grave of the Rasool (SAAW) and the sky, therefore people did the same and Baraan-e-Rehmat came down (Sunan Al-Darmi, Edition 1, Page 47). Hazrat Imam Shafa’aee making Ahle Bait Paighambar as ‘Waseela’ is crystal clear. Aal-e-Nabi (SAAW) are my ‘Waseela’ in Bargah-e-Khudawandi and through their ‘Waseela’ I hope that my Aimal Nama  would be given in my right hand on the Day of Judgement (Sawaeq-e-Mohriqa, Page 178). Hassan Ibrahim Abu Ali Khilal who was from amongst the Shaikhs of Maktab-e-Hanabilah says that whenever some important issue comes to me, I go straightaway for the Ziarat of the grave of Hazrat Musa Ibne Jaffar (A.S.), declare him ‘Waseela’ and achieve whatever I seek from Allah (Tareekh-e-Baghdad, Edition 1, Page 120).

            A few Ayah-e-Qurani and Ahadees-e-Nabawi mentioned above indicate that Sahaba Kubaar, Tabaeen-e-Azzam, Fuqaha-e-Karaam used to declare them as ‘Waseela’ for fulfilment of Hajaat and Mushkil-Kushaee but when Khanwada-e-Saud took over, they destructed the historic and most respectable graveyards of Jannatul Moallah and Jannatul Baqee. These are the holiest places that carry the graves of forefathers of the Khatmi Martabat (SAAW), Aal-e-Athaar (A.S.), Ummahaatul Momineen (R.A.) Sahaba Kubaar (R.A.), Tabaeen (R.A.). The tragic news of this incident was given to the Indian news agencies by a British Press reporter through a telegram and when this news was published in newspapers the whole India turned topsy-turvy with pain because it was a great tragedy for the Islamic World against which the whole Islamic World rose in protest. Farzandan-e-Tauheed not only observed mourning rather they also lodged strong protest against it. At that time i.e. 1925 a delegation of Khilafat Committee comprising Hazrat Maulana Suleman Nadvi, Maulana Muhammad Irfan, Maulana Abdul Majid Badayunvi, Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, and others reached Hejaz so as to talk to the Saudi rulers on this issue. The rulers assured them that no further action will be taken in this connection (Report Khilafat Committee, Page 23). The said delegation delivered back information to India that mazars in Jannatul Moallah had been destructed before they reached there, so much so that even the place of Holy Prophet’s birth was not spared. Later, another delegation from the Khilafat Committee visited Saudi Arabia and sent feedback to India that when our delegation reached Hejaz on May 23 the first shattering news we heard was that Jannatul Baqee has also been destructed. When Saudi rulers were asked, they replied that we consider exploitation of Bad’it and Kufr our duty and would not care for any consideration of the Islamic World in this connection whether they like it or not (Excerpts from the Report of the Khilafat Committee, Page 85). Afterwards this delegation delivered another tragic news that whatever the situation is all Qubbaas of Madina Munawwarah were razed to ground despite promises made by Sultan Abdel Aziz Bin Saud (Report Khilafat Committee, Page 88).

            They did not stop here and also destructed all those places and mosques with whom some holy personalities were related in one way or the other. Like Makkah, some mosques in Madina could not remain protected. The mosques razed to ground at that time include: Masjid-e-Fatima (adjacent to Masjid-e-Qaba), Masjid-e-Sanaia (where the Dandaan-e-Mubarik of the Holy Prophet SAAW were separated), Masjid-e-Minar Teen, Masjid-e-Maida (place where Surah Maida was sent), Masjid-e-Ajabah (a place where an important Dua of the Holy Prophet SAAW was accepted) (Report Khilafat Committee, Page 88).

            The personalities whose mazars were destructed included: Khatoon-e-Jannat Hazrat Syeda Fatima Zahra (S.A.), Hazrat Fatima Sughra Binte Imam Hussain, Shahzada Sulah-o-Aman Hazrat Imam Hassan Mujtaba (A.S.), Beemar-e-Karbala Hazrat Imam Zainul Abideen (A.S.), Hazrat Ibrahim Farzand-e-Rasool, Hazrat Abbas Ibne Abdul Muttalib (to whom Abbasi family belongs), Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S.), Hazrat Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (A.S.). The nine Ummahaatul Momineen whose mazars were destructed included: Hazrat Aisha (R.A.), Hazrat Umm-e-Salma (R.A.) Hazrat Zainab, Hazrat Hafza (R.A.). In addition the mazars of Hazoor’s (SAAW) aunts, Sahaba Karaam, Tabaeen, Hazrat Usman Bin Affan, Hazrat Usman Bin Mazoon, Hazrat Jafar-e-Tayyar, Hazrat Abdul Rehman Ibne Auf, Hazrat Imam Malik, and Hazrat Imam Nafeh were also included in those which were destructed (Report Khilafat Committee, Page 89).

            Therefore, a leader of the Khilafat Committee Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar delivered an address at Jamia Masjid Delhi keeping these incidents in view some excerpts of which are: “I am sitting in Allah’s home and consider Him before me and say that I have no personal enmity with the Ibne Saud. Neither my opposition to him is based on personal interest. I would say whatever I have seen and would say clearly whether any party becomes happy or unhappy. Sultan Ibne Saud repeatedly talks about Kitaab Allah and Sunnat-e-Rasool. I found out that they have made the Kitaab Allah and Sunnat-e-Rasool a tool to earn worldly gains (Maqalaat-e-Muhammad Ali Jauhar, Pages 95-96). The oppressed world could not keep her silence on this tragic incident while the great son of the world of journalism i.e. Agha Shorish Kashmiri wrote a Nohah on this tragic incident:

            The Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya considers it its faithful duty to attract the attention of the so-called champions of human rights i.e. Arab League, OIC, ICC, the United Nations, Security Council and others towards the destruction of holy mazars in Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah by observing Universal Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee on 8th Shawal every year as a part of their demands included in the May 21, 1985 Junejo-Moosavi agreement. Therefore, even today we would like to make it a point that it is necessary to restore the dignity of the holy mazars in Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah if they desire to root out terrorism, seek independence of the oppressed nations, seek independence of Kashmir and Palestine, seek annexation of Al-Quds Al-Sharif, seek pullout of allied forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, seek reconstruction of Babri Masjid rather seek protection of place of worship belonging to minorities in line with their ideologies, and seek an end to humiliation of Muslim graves in Britain. If these graves were not reconstructed and decorated with dignity again and if silence was kept on the humiliation and desecration of Sha’air Allah, holy graves and signs, then our story would not be there in the world stories.

            Our peaceful protest is not against any faith, party, country, fiqh or Maktab but against oppression, brutality and suppression. This protest which is our right would continue till the flag of justice and fair-play flutters high all over the world and the oppression dies its own death because the oppressions when increased is wiped out.
Khakpai Muslimeen
Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi Al-Najafi