Martyrdom Anniversary of Bab-ul-Murad (A.S.) observed across the country; Majalis, Processions held  (Detail)

Countrywide Majalis, matmi processions begin marking Ayyam-e-Bab-ul-Murad  (Detail)

Moosavi’s message on Ayyam-e-Bab-ul-Murad start (Detail)

Allama Haideri at Mehfil-e-Sadqain blasts at world orgs silence on Iraqis’ massacre (Detail)

Shujaat Bukhari demands ideological representation for Maktab-e-Tashayyo in all State departments recalling accords (Detail)

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Shah demands Junejo-Moosavi Accord implementation for Shia problems solution (Detail)

Moosavi announces to observe “Ayyam-e-Baab-ul-Muraad”; Majalis-e-Aza, Processions to held (Detail)

Larkana: Grand rally calls for ensuring sanctity of holy places (Detail)

Martyrdom Anniversary of Bab-ul-Murad (A.S.) observed across the country; Majalis, Processions held

RAWALPINDI - September 11: Majalis-e-Aza and Matamdari programmes in connection with Ayyam-e-Bab-ul-Murad (Days of Door to Fulfil Wishes) marking the martyrdom anniversary of son of Mustafa (SAW) and Murtaza (A.S.) Hazrat Imam Moosa Kazim (A.S.) concluded throughout the country like other global parts.

Majalis-e-Aza were held followed by taking out of Taboot (Coffin) and Alam (Standards) processions in all big cities and towns of the four provinces including Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas in which the mourners performed Matamdari, Noha-Khwani and Zanjir-Zani to present condolences in the Court of Risalat.

Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, chief of the Tehreek Nafaze-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan while addressing the concluding Majlis of the Ayyam-e-Bab-ul-Murad said, Hazrat Imam Moosa Kazim (A.S.) is that great personality of the Khanwada-e-Muhammad (SAW) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.) who could not be sidelined from the righteous path by any dictator and tyrant ruler. He bore the difficulties of detention for 14 years continuously but no one could make any change in his firm stand and he continued preaching the religion and guiding the humanity against heavy odds.

Moosavi said Hazrat Moosa ibne Jafar (A.S.) proved through his character and deeds that Islam is life-giver and commensurates life with belief and struggle and declares it subservience to Allah and worship, and terms it height of worship, he added. He said Khanwada-e-Muhammad (SAW) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.) are the promoters of Maktab-e-Shahadat (martyrdom), every small and big member of that Khanwada (family) preached the lesson of confronting war, conflict and riot for the supremacy of independence & freedom, religion and Shariat and that biggest example of which was presented by the freedom lovers in the plains of Nainawa.

He said Hazrat Imam Moosa Kazim (A.S.) kissed martyrdom as a punishment for not bowing down before the oppressed and brutal rulers following in the footsteps of his forefathers. He said Hazrat Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah wrote the greatest Islamic State – Pakistan - on earth by taking Ilhaam and strength from the same great Khanwada achieving a separate and independent homeland for the Muslims of this Subcontinent.

The Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Moosavi said the founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam fought a 4-pronged war but refused to accept supremacy of anyone and gave us a great State in the shape of Pakistan the foundation of which is Kalma-e-Tauheed and as Khwaja Moeen-ud-Din Chishti Ajmeri said: “Haqqa Keh Binaey La Illah Hastt Hussain”.

He said unfortunately this inheritance could not be protected against the perpetual enemy and we lost half of it but even then the rulers and politicians did not learn any lesson. He said the key to put Pakistan on road to progress, survival and development of the nation and the country, and supremacy and the Islamic World lay on following the principles of Khanwada-e-Muhammad (SAW) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.), fulfilling the norms of justice and fair-play, giving rights to all on the basis of equality, continuous hatred against the oppressor and support to the oppressed.

Rawalpindi’s main coffin procession was taken out under the arrangements of Bawa Syed Karam Hussain Shah Kazmi from the residence of Syed Ghulam Haider Shah in Chuhr Harpal attended by dozens of matmi corps who by reciting Nohas and performing matamdari and zanjirzani offered their condolences. The mourning procession ended reaching shrine of Sakhi Shah Pyara where renowned ulema and speakers from across the country addressed a majlis-e-aza.

Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Hamid Moosavi made special participation in Majli-e-Babul Murad organized by Agha Syed Muhammad Murtaza Moosavi, Agha Syed Ali Roohul Abbas Moosavi and Syed Joan Ali Mash’hadi at Ali Mosque. Central Secretary Information TNFJ Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi, Zakir Matloob Husasain Kazmi, Tabassum Abbas Kazmi, Hasan Raza Kiyani, Joan Ali, Bilawal Kazmi and Rawayat Hussain Rawi addressed. Matmi corps from Hadala Syedan Dina performed Noha Khwani.

Allama Agha Naseem Abbas Rizvi, Allama Sheikh Ijaz, Zakir Amir Abbas Rabbani, Zakir Aqarib Hussain Shah, Zakir Zakiul Hasnain and others addressed a majlis-e-aza at Qasr-e-Kazmia Jasol Syedan. Earlier, a coffin procession was taken out and matamdari was performed.

A majlis-e-Babul Murad, organized by the family of late Najabat Kazmi at Qasr-e-Abu Talib Mughalabad was addressed by Allama Zulfiqar Hussain Naqvi, Allama Zawar Hussain Madni, Molana Riaz Hussain Qummi and others. On this occasion, a replica coffin procession was brought out from the residence of Mushtaq Mehtab Jafri which culminated reaching Qasr-e-Abu Talib. Syed Naseer Hussain Sabzawari got a resolution passed from the participants which severely condemned terrorism continued in the world. Terming the last day murder of Professor Atiqul Hasan Naqvi in Saryab Road Quetta as ‘flat terrorism’, the resolution called this heinous game a doing of enemies of Islam and Pakistan. The resolution expressing sympathies with the bereaved family demanded immediate arrest of culprits of all terror incidents, effective implementation of Anti-Terrorism Act and severe action against banned groups by taking notice of their activities with new names and their joining political alliances. By the resolution, the participants reiterated their resolve to support every call of action given by Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Hamid Moosavi for the Mission of Wila and Aza.

Coffin processions were also brought out from Central Imambargah Sakhi Shah Nazar Diwan Badshah Kazmi Al-Mash’hadi and Imambargah Qasr-e-Imam Moosa Kazim Syed Kasran followed by historic zanjir zani. Majalis-e-Aza were also held marking the occasion.

In Islamabad, a Majlis-e-Babul Murad was held at Jamiatul Murtaza G-9/4 addressed by Zakira Nuzhat Naqvi. Later, coffin replica was taken out and matamdari was performed.

Majalis and Processions of Babul Murad (A.S.) were held also in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Jehlum, Chakwal, Sheikhupura, Muzaffarabad, Sahiwal, Gujrat, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Mianwali, Muzaffar Garh, Rahim Yar Khan, Karachi, Haiderabad, Shikar Pur, Larkana, Dadu, Kherpur Miras, Bhakkar, Nawab Shah, Mirpur Khas, Sakkhar, Quetta, Peshawar, Kohat, Attock, Tank, Dera Ghazi Khan, D.I.Khan, Qasoor, Kot D.G, Abbotabad, Gilgit, Skardu, Sirhiyan Sayedan, Muzaffarabad and many other cities and towns.

Countrywide Majalis, matmi processions begin marking Ayyam-e-Bab-ul-Murad

RAWALPINDI - September 10: Majalis-e-Aza and Matmi processions began all over the country like other global parts with devotion and respect from Friday Rajab 24 in connection with Ayyam-e-Bab-ul-Murad (Days of Door to Fulfil Wishes) marking the Martyrdom Anniversary of Hazrat Imam Moosa Al-Kazim (A.S.) in line with the announcement made by Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Pakistan Agha Hamid Moosavi.

Recitation from Holy Quran was made in mosques after the Fajr prayers after which ulema, waizeen and zakireen highlighted the seerat of Hazrat Moosa ibne Jafar (A.S.) while addressing the Majalis.

In the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Azadari programmes were organised by different religious and Matmi organisations.

Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi while addressing Majlis-e-Shahadat Bab-ul-Murad at the residence of TNFJ District Rawalpindi General Secretary Bawa Syed Mazloom Hussain Shah Kazmi in Dhoke Syedan Rawalpindi said, Hazrat Imam Moosa Kazim (A.S.) was the symbol of patience, forbearance, firmness, courage and bravery who gave eternal lesson of supporting the oppressed and practical hatred against the oppressors that would remain a practical example to follow for freedom fighters and conscious human beings.

He said the Taghooti forces considered the Khasan-e-Khuda (Selected Persons of Allah) a threat for themselves in every era because the Representatives of Allah had been in the habit of standing firm against the oppressor and brutal rulers and putting all they had on stake for achieving the rights and protection of the oppressed.

Syed Qamar Zaidi said, the life span of the great figure of infallible family Hazrat Imam Moosa Kazim (A.S.) spread over 54 years passed in confronting with dictatorial rulers but this Shaheed-e-Zindaan (Martyr of Gaol) Imam did not bore to bow down before the sole dictators following the seerat of his forefathers making it clear on the oppressed world that no honourable human being could bow down before any one other than Rahman and Raheem (The Compassionate, The Merciful).

He said wealth and richness is not but the piousness is the standard of leaderships and guidance in Islam. The qualities of real leadership not lay in material resources and worldly fanfare but in piousness, belief and deeds, that is why any sinful and debauched person could mislead the nation but could not make them reach their destination. He said even today the nation would have to stick to the honourable Fuqara keeping themselves away from ill-characters so as to make their boat touch the bank of fulfilling desire.

A resolution unanimously adopted on the occasion strongly condemned terrorism continued all over the world and called upon the world organisations to play their role in stopping the massacre of innocent Iraqi people, and Zionist and Hindu oppression against Palestinian and Kashmiri freedom fighters, and ensure pullout of the allied forces from these areas.

Zakir Riaz Hussain Qummi and Zakir Mohsin Raza also addressed the Majlis. Afterwards a Taboot procession was taken out in which different Matmi Dastas from Rawalpindi Cantt. performed Noha-Khwani and Matamdari. Later, the procession was terminated after reaching Imambargah Qasr-e-Shabbir.

Alhaj Ghulam Murtaza Chauhan addressed a Majlis-e-Aza at Imambargah Zainul Abideen, followed by Matamdari.

Renowned ulema and zakireen addressed the first session of the two-day Majalis founded by Bawa Syed Karam Hussain Shah at Darbar Sakhi Shah Piyara Chuhr Harpal.

On the second day of the Ayyam Baab-ul-Muraad on Saturday, 25th Rajab-ul-Murajjab, main Taboot procession is taken out from the residence of Syed Ghulam Haider Shah in Chuhr Harpal. In addition to other Matmi organisations, renowned Noha-Khwan Zawwar Hussain Gohar from Dera Ghazi Khan will render Noha-Khwani.

A ladies Majlis will be held at Jamia Al-Murtaza G-9/4 Islamabad at Jamia Al-Murtaza on 25 Rajab at 10.00 am. Zakira Nuzhat Naqvi will address. Taboot Imam Moosa Kazim (A.S.) will be taken out after the Majlis followed by Matamdari.

Moosavi’s message on Ayyam-e-Bab-ul-Murad start

RAWALPINDI- September 09: In his special message on the beginning of Ayyam-e-Bab-ul-Murad (Days of Door to Gain Wishes), Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, chief of the Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan has said the way of Imam Moosa ibne Jafar (A.S.) is the beacon of light for the oppressed world in every era to confront oppression, barbarism and terrorism.

Ayyam-e-Bab-ul-Murad are being observed throughout the country like other global parts on 24 and 25 Rajab with devotion, respect and religious spirit.

He said Prophets and Messengers had been the preacher of religion and Shariah while Aulia and Sawleheen had been its protectors and defenders. The religion is Islam only and there are five Sharaihs, the last one being the Shariat-e-Mustafvi defended by Ahle Bait Athaar (A.S.) and pious Sahaba Kubaar by sacrificing their lives.

Agha Moosavi said that one of great from these holy personalities is Hazrat Moosa bin Jafar Al-Kazim (A.S.) known as Bab-ul-Murad, the 54-year-old era of whom is the symbol of commitment, courage, bravery, firmness, and sacrifice. The tyrant rulers and dictators of that era used all tactics and tools to overcome this infallible human being but he displayed firmness, patience and forbearance in confronting gaol, oppression and brutality (Kazimeen Al-Ghaiz).

He said the world of oppressors should know that Martyrdom in way of Allah, and sacrificing blood for protection of the targets of religion and Shariat and human dignity had been the lofty and sublime manner of Men of Truth, and Martyrdom is considered Eternal Life in their Law of Life for which they always remained busy and prepared deeming Martyrdom zenith of worship.

That is why, he added, Hazrat Moosa ibne Jafar (A.S.) always remained busy in worship and used to say, “O Allah! I always prayed to you for time and satisfaction for worship, and Your blessing is greatest that You showered me loneliness (gaol) that is a great blessing”. As the poet says:

The Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Hamid Moosavi said that today chief of the world of oppressors and terrorism was continuing aggression against Iraq after Afghanistan, in the name of rooting out terrorism and destroying the weapons of mass destruction, bombing city after city and town after town besides trampling the dignity of the holy places.

On the other hand, her Zionist and Hindu agents were playing bloody holi in Palestine and Kashmir through State terrorism but the world has seen that they could not defeat the movements of the oppressed and have-nots. He however lamented that international organisations including the United Nations and the OIC, that cry hoarse for justice and fair-play, were keeping silence rather their hypocritical attitude is providing food for thought.

Paying condolences and consolation to the Chief of Prophets (A.S.), Seal of Messengers Holy Prophet (SAW) on the tragic occasion of Martyrdom Days of Bab-ul-Murad, he reiterated his resolve to continue raising his righteous voice against oppression and brutality and not to hesitate saying Kalma-e-Haq.

Allama Haideri at Mehfil-e-Sadqain blasts at world orgs silence on Iraqis’ massacre

ISLAMABAD - September 08: Allama Tajuddin Haideri, Central Vice-President of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan has said that following in the footsteps of pious Khanwada-e-Muhammad (SAW) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.) is the need of the hour to confront firmly the mischief of the evil forces and difficulties of the time.

Addressing Mehfil-e-Sadqain organised at Jamia-tul-Murtaza under the auspices of Al-Murtaza Council here on Wednesday, marking the 22 Rajab-ul-Murajjab, he said Hazrat Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (A.S.) is the 6th rightful successor of Holy Prophet (SAW) who presented invaluable services for the supremacy of religious principles, correction of society in the field of knowledge and fiqh (jurisprudence) as a result of which Flag of Islam is fluttering high the world over while the Shariat owes to him immensely.

He said the style preached by the real Representatives of Allah to bow before Almighty Allah and expressing practical hatred from the evil in the tyrant era is based on good moral, love, devotion, sacrifice, and firmness that is why even the enemies respect these holy personalities from the core of their heart.

He said even today conspiracies against Islam and Muslims are rife all over the world and our combined enemy is using all type of tactics in different garbs for fulfilling her expansionist and condemnable designs. He said first she destructed Afghanistan in the garb of Usama and shattered Iraq in the name of Iraq and in the garb of weapons of mass destruction and now motherland Pakistan being an atomic power and citadel of Islam is her target and no Islamic State with the exception of a few is safe from terrorism and worst type of terrorism is being sponsored in the name of rooting out terrorism. He said if the Islamic World did not wake up from the deep slumber and lay down a combined strategy then it could be the turn of anyone.

The participants of the Mehfil (celebratory function) adopted a consensus resolution strongly condemning the massacre of innocent Iraqi people at the hands of allied forces and called upon the so-called champion international organisations of human rights to break their criminal silence.

The resolution said that the OIC should be ashamed because the whole Iraq was burning touching the sky, holy places and humanity is being trampled that is a powerful slap in the face of all super powers and the international organisations.

The resolution called upon all international organisations to stop America and her allies from carrying out oppression in Iraq so as to get the oppressed Iraqi people rid of oppression and brutality and make the whole world a hub of peace while the International Court of Justice should take suo moto action by establishing trials against America and her allies for war crimes and give them severe punishment so as to give the Iraqi people right to make a government of their own choice.

Another resolution reiterated its resolve to support any line of action given by Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi in his mission of “Wila” and “Aza”.

Shujaat Bukhari demands ideological representation for Maktab-e-Tashayyo in all State departments recalling accords

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - September 07: Syed Shujaat Ali Bukhari, Additional Secretary-General Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya Pakistan, has demanded from the powers that be to give Maktab-e-Tashayyo ideological representation in all State departments including Islamic Ideology Council, Ulema Board and Royat-e-Hilal Committee for fulfilment of their long-standing rights and resolution of problems.

Talking to the office-bearers and elites of TNFJ Rawalpindi region and federal area headed by Allama Syed Matloob Taqee at TNFJ headquarters here on Tuesday, Bukhari said beloved motherland Pakistan came into being owing to united practical struggle and joint sacrifices of all schools of thought, and for its stability and development fulfilment of rights of all on equality basis is must.

He recalled that Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, in reaction to a dictator’s announcement to make the country a particular State, had got this admitted from the government through a written agreement by taking control of Islamabad Secretariat that implementation of Fiqh-e-Jafariya for Maktab-e-Tashayyo (Shia school of thought) would be kept in view in process of Islamisation in Pakistan.

The TNFJ official reminded that when the conspiracy of restricting Azadari and Miladun Nabi (SAW) surfaced, Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Hamid Moosavi by courting his arrest initiated peaceful agitation from Hussaini Front Rawalpindi. This eight-month long agitation resulted in 21 May 1985 Junejo-Moosavi Agreement under which the government of Pakistan recognizing 11 Shia Demands promised the implementation thereof.

The demands include: implementation of Fiqh-e-Jafariya for Shiian-e-Pakistan, issuance of separate Islamic Studies syllabus for Shia students in educational institutions, establishment of Shia faculty in Pakistan’s all Islamic Universities and effective representation in Islamic Research Institute, appointment of Shia judge in Federal Shariat Court, effective Shia representation in high courts, media and Islamic Ideology Council, establishment of separate Shia Endowment Board, elimination of undue curbs on Azadari of Syed-ush-Shuhada (AS), reconstruction of destructed shrines in Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moalla, and annulment of amendment made in sub-section 3 of section 30 of Police Act 1861.

Bukhari reiterated his resolve that their active struggle would continue with full honesty for achievement of religious rights of Millat-e-Jafariya, and promotion and protection of Mission of Wila and Aza, and that no hesitation would be shown in laying big-to-big sacrifice in this regard.

Zaidi at Defence of Motherland Conference: Islam defence must for Pakistan defence

RAWALPINDI - September 06: Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya Pakistan Central Secretary Information, Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi, said defence of Islam is pre-requisite for Pakistan defence, and to gain this great objective we have to prefer our thoughts & ideologies and national & religious interests over all.

He was addressing Defence of Motherland conference organized by Haeat Tulba-e-Islamia on Monday September 6 marking “Pakistan Defence Day”.

Zaidi said all nations and countries have right to boost their defence, but Islam is that manifest religion which possesses this great honour that neither it commits aggression nor allows anyone the same, over which holy Prophet (SAW)’s 105 battles stand witness that he (SAW) always adopted defensive strategy.

As Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam, therefore it always made holy Prophet (SAW)’s principles a beacon of light for herself, and never committed aggression but was made a target of the same resulting in loss of one half of the country, he said.

The TNFJ official said the main cause of targeting Pakistan with aggression is Kashmir issue which is main hurdle in regional peace for the last 57 years. He said a number of efforts were made regarding Pak-India dialogue, which are still in continuation, but both governments should keep in mind that peace could not be restored until resolution of Kashmir issue in line with the UN resolutions and desires of Kashmiris.

He said Pakistan attained atomic power for her defence because live nations neither deviate from their principles nor forget their heroes. In order to make our defence indomitable, we would have to make footstep of those who sacrificed in Karbala a beacon of light.

Shah demands Junejo-Moosavi Accord implementation for Shia problems solution

ISLAMABAD, September 05: Syed Mazhar Ali Shah Advocate, Secretary General of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan has called upon the government to give ideological representation to Maktab-e-Tashayyo in all State departments including the media.

He stated this while addressing a meeting of TNFJ District Council Islamabad office-bearers here on Sunday. He lamented that like other Makatib, the Maktab-e-Tashayyo is deprived of its basic rights in the motherland since long, it is being ignored at all levels while only a particular ideology is being furthered which is tragic.

The TNFJ Secretary General strongly demanded from President Gen. Pervez Musharraf and the newly elected Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz to remove the unrest found in the ranks of Maktab-e-Tashayyo by implementing May 21, 1985 Junejo-Moosavi agreement for resolving the long-standing Shia problems.

A consensus resolution adopted at the meeting, supporting the government steps aimed at rooting out terrorism, stressed the need for effective implementation of the Act (ATA) introduced for the purpose. The resolution declared that the dream of making the country a hub of peace could not come true without taking strict action against the banned groups working with new names.

The resolution expressed concern over the silence being kept by international organisations including the criminal silence on the part of OIC over the desecration of Najaf-e-Ashraf and massacre of oppressed Iraqi people despite protest lodged by the whole world. It said that it could be the turn of holy places of any other Islamic State if the situation remained the same because the international colonial powers were bent upon inhuman tactics for which a combined courageous strategy was needed to be introduced at international level.

The resolution demanded immediate exit of allied forces from the Iraqi soil, and an important role of the international organisation ensuring dignity, honour and protection of the holy places, Maraje Uzzam and the oppressed Iraqi people.

Another resolution while strongly condemning murder of innocent Nepalese citizens by violent Iraqi groups and gory murder of hundreds of people including minor children in Russia termed these incidents inhuman and made it clear that those who committed these condemnable acts have no link with Islam because Islam is the religion of peace and love that supports safety and protection even to the animals.

The resolution expressed complete solidarity with the oppressed people of the whole world including those who belong to Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir and Palestine.

Moosavi announces to observe “Ayyam-e-Baab-ul-Muraad”; Majalis-e-Aza, Processions to held

RAWALPINDI - September 04: Chief of the Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya Pakistan Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has announced to observe “Ayyam-e-Baab-ul-Muraad” (Days of Door to Gain Wishes) throughout the country on Rajab 24-25 marking the martyrdom anniversary of Protector of Shariat-e-Muhammadi, Successor of Murtazvi Sciences Hazrat Moosa bin Jaffar Al-Kazim (A.S.).

Majalis-e-Aza will be held and Taboot processions will be taken out on this occasion. In a statement issued here on Saturday, he said the oppression and brutality confronted by the world of humanity should be strongly condemned during the Ayyam-e-Baab-ul-Muraad by raising the voice of protest making it clear on the world that Islam not only preaches peace and integrity rather expresses hatred against all types of oppression, brutality, aggression and biases.

Agha Moosavi said that oppression being carried out in Iraq, murder of innocent Nepalese citizens at the hands of their abductors, and gory murder of more than 300 people including minor children in Russia is commensurate not only to the humiliation of the Islamic World rather of the whole humanity.

He said the international colonial powers were increasing terrorism in the name of rooting out terrorism while some so-called groups were busy in hatching conspiracy to defame Islam in the name of Islam.

The Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Moosavi said we still stick to our point of view that a terrorist keeps no religion or a country, therefore, labelling him with any religion or a country itself is an act of terrorism.

Meanwhile, Central Ayyam-e-Baab-ul-Muraad Committee of the TNFJ has been formed to organise Ayyam-e-Baab-ul-Muraad programmes throughout the country. Dr. S.M. Rizvi has been nominated as Convener and M.D. Haideri as Secretary of this Committee.

Larkana: Grand rally calls for ensuring sanctity of holy places

LARKANA, Pakistan: A huge demonstration was staged in Larkana organized by Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya (TNFJ) district Larkana, Sindh, against the sacrilege of Najaf-e-Ashraf and siege of holy shrine of Amirul Momineen Hazrat Ali ibne Abi Talib (AS).

The protesters, holding banners and placards inscribed with demands of coalition forces’ withdrawal from the Iraqi soil and ensuring honor and sanctity of sacred places, chanted anti-US, -allies slogans.

President TNFJ district Larkana Syed Noor Hussain Shah, Commander Mukhtar Force Pakistan Sindh Maulana Qazi Ghulam Raza, Syed Ghulam Ali Shah, Syed Hasan Shah Shamsi, Barkat Ali Jafri, Madhosh Bhutto, Niaz Hussain Sarki and other leaders led the demonstration which began from TNFJ district office Ali Mosque Aaqil Road. Reaching Pakistani Chowk, the demonstration turned into a meeting. Speakers in their addresses demanded immediate pullout of US-led coalition forces from Iraq.

An effigy of US President George W Bush was set on fire. The demonstration ended on reaching Press Club.

The participants, by a resolution reiterated their resolve to lay every kind of sacrifice for achievement of religious targets on the call of Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi.