Ramazan preaches strengthening of faith, Allama Haideri’s special address    (Detail)

QMJ Moosavi urges for rooting out biggest evil in line with Ramazan lesson    (Detail)

Day of Ramazan Reception gatherings: No power could create hurdle in Pak-Sino friendship    (Detail)

TNFJ finalizes Ramazan special programs, urges promotion of unity during holy month    (Detail)

Moosavi announces Youm-e-Istaqbal-e-Ramazan, urges all stratums to declare hatred against terrorist outfits   (Detail)

Allama Haideri to TNFJ Punjab office-bearers: Presenting banned groups at forums and media as champions of peace “great injustice”   (Detail)

Terror incidents including Hussaini Mosque doing of combined enemy: TNFJ meeting   (Detail)

Karachi, Waziristan terrorism well-thought conspiracy: Moosavi   (Detail)

Moosavi in interview to AN London panel outlines causes of ATA ineffectiveness, depicts TNFJ role in Marjaiyat protection, vows to foil civil war conspiracy in Pak    (Detail)

Big anti-terrorism gatherings, rallies across the country mark end of Martyrs Days    (Detail)

Ramazan preaches strengthening of faith, Allama Haideri’s special address

ISLAMABAD - October 17: Allama Tajuddin Haideri, Central Vice-President of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan has said that Ramazan-ul-Mubarik is the holy month of glad tidings, forgivings and revelation of Quran that gives practical lesson of self-building, Riyazat-e-Nafs, avoiding self-desires, strengthening of faith and consolidating of belief.

He was addressing the special session on the religious lecture on the topic of merits of Ramazan at Jamia Al-Murtaza here on Sunday. He said all Muslims are under the obligation to fully benefit from the spiritual and meaningful moments of this month full of blessings. This month is called Ramazan because it sets sins on fire and moreover there is another saying that it has been taken from ‘Ramaza’ that means clouds and rain and that approaches at the end of summer and it reduces the sharpness of heat. Similarly, he said, this month also reduces the enthusiasm of sins and washes out the evil.

Allama Haideri said there is another saying that this is the name of Allah and because it has special link with Allah, therefore, it is called the month of Ramazan. Therefore, there is a saying of Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S.) that do not say it is Ramazan because Ramazan is one of the names of the Subhanahoo and Allah never comes and goes to any place, therefore it should only be called the month of Ramazan.

He said there is a saying of the Holy Prophet (SAW) that the month of Allah is forwarding towards you with the message of blessings, kindness and forgiveness, that enjoys superiority over all other months and its days are superior than all other days, and its nights are superior than all other nights, and its moments are superior than all other moments.

Allama Tajuddin Haideri said we can transform our life religiously and worldly in line with the commandments of Allah by benefiting from the blessings, of the Month of fasting. At present the whole world, particularly Pakistan is surrounded by the biggest evil like terrorism, therefore, people belonging to all schools of thought are under the obligation to express hatred against terrorists and terrorism keeping the dignity of humanity in view.

He said today the whole world was recognising the point of view of Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Moosavi that a terrorist keeps no religion or a country, he is only a terrorist, therefore he should be seen and tackled in the same context.

He demanded from the government to make sure effective implementation of Anti-Terrorism Act, the banned groups should be ejected from the government committees and institutions, a broad-based Tribunal should be set up to probe all incidents of terrorism and compensation should be paid to the affected families, and best treatment facilities should be provided to the injured of these incidents.

QMJ Moosavi urges for rooting out biggest evil in line with Ramazan lesson

RAWALPINDI - October 16: Agha Syed Hamid Moosavi, chief of the Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan has said that Mah-e-Sayam (month of Ramazan) preaches the practical lesson to get rid of all types of evil, therefore, all sections of society are under the obligation to carry out practical struggle in rooting out the biggest evil i.e. terrorism so that the benefit of blessings of this month reach the whole world and the country could be turned into a hub of peace.

He stated this while delivering special address at Mehfil Mah-e-Sayam here on Saturday. Agha Moosavi said piety and piousness have been considered the height of creation of human being while worship and obedience have been termed the purpose of creation. Fast is the most important amongst the worship that is called ‘Saum’ in Arabic the plural of which is Sayam.

Therefore, he said, Allah Says:

O believers! Fasting is decreed for you as it was decreed for those before you; perchance you will guard yourselves against evil.

The fast has been made compulsory in the month of Ramazan about which Quran says:

The month of Ramazan is the month in which the Quran was revealed, a book of guidance with proofs of guidance distinguishing right from wrong. Therefore, whoever of you finds this month, let him fast. But he who is ill or on journey shall fast a similar number of days later on. Allah desires ease for you, and does not desire hardship for you; and (He desires)that you should complete the period, and that you should magnify Allah for having guided you, and peradventure you may be thankful.

Thus the purpose of Saum is declared worship and thanks for Allah and piety. Piety is the name of

Keeping away from Razail (vices) and being laced with Fazail (virtues)

The TNFJ chief said at present the biggest evil from amongst the Razail (vices) is terrorism that the whole world is confronted with and the motherland Pakistan is surrounded by it for the last 25 years, hundreds rather thousands people from all sections of society have lost their life to this menace, mosques and Imambargahs have been turned into murder houses, fear and harassment is rife all around, every small, big, elder and young has started feeling unsafe and it seems that actually Islam and Pakistan are being given punishment for following Basic Ideology.

In these circumstances, he said, President Pervez Musharraf enforced Anti-Terrorism Act keeping our Peace Formula in view. At present the Constitution and Act both are present but the actual thing is implementation. The more power of enforcement is the more stronger the supremacy of law would be.

The Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Syed Hamid Moosavi appealed all countrymen to avoid evils and follow good to benefit from the Ashra-e-Rehmat (10-day period of mercy) of the Ramazan-ul-Mubarik and strongly condemn terrorists and terrorism at every level.

Day of Ramazan Reception gatherings: No power could create hurdle in Pak-Sino friendship

RAWALPINDI - October 15: Grand programmes in connection with Istaqbal Mah-e-Ramazan (Ramazan Reception) were organised in mosques, Imambargahs and Madaris of all small and big towns, villages, and cities all over Pakistan on Friday on the appeal of Agha Syed Hamid Moosavi, chief of the TNFJ.

The speakers, waizeen and khutaba, in their addresses at gatherings held at Madrasah Wali Al-Asr, Imam Ali Naqi Mosque, Haideri Mosque, Imambargah Zain-ul-Aza, Imam Moosa Kazim Mosque, Jafria Mosque, Shia Jamia Mosque, Qasr-e-Khadijatul Kubra and dozens of other places in the twin cities of Federal Capital Islamabad and Rawalpindi threw light on the supremacy, dignity and sanctity of the month of Ramazan.

Addressing the gathering, TNFJ Divisional Council Rawalpindi President Allama Taqi-un-Naqvi said this is the holy month in which every moment of day and night has been considered the best in which rising, sitting, sleeping, waking, and even breathing has been considered as Tasbih and worship. He said the first ten days of the month are considered “Rehmat” (mercy), the second ten days as “Maghferat” (forgiveness) and the last part of the month as “Sa’adat” (felicity), in this month worships are accepted and prays fulfilled.

He said Allah forgives mistakes during the month of Ramazan and the biggest superiority of it is the Revelation of Holy Book (Quran) that claims that “Zalikal Kitaab La raiba feeh Hudal Lil Muttaqeen. . .” and it was sent on a personality that has been sent as a blessing for the universe “Wa Ma Arsalnaka Illa Rahmatal-Lil Alameen”.

Allama Taqi-un-Naqvi said we should commit submissiveness to the Creator and service to the creature in this holy month and do not show slackness in fulfilling the rights. Today the whole world was confronted with great oppression i.e. terrorism the biggest reason of which is denial of rights.

He said the United Nations is the representative organisation of the all States the world over but the whole world of humanity was confronted with oppression, brutality and suppression owing to slackness and double standards followed by this organisation. Whether it is Kashmir or Palestine, Afghanistan or Iraq, the chief of the colonial world was playing ‘holi’ with the blood of the oppressed and Muslims but the United Nations was paying only lip-service and was avoiding to take any practical steps.

A resolution adopted by Ramazan Reception gatherings said the correct way of welcoming this holy month is to express hatred against the oppressors and supporting the oppressed. Therefore, all oppression carried out in Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq and Afghanistan was strongly condemned and it was demanded from all international organisations including the United Nations to play their role for solution of these problems so as to turn this world into a hub of peace.

Expressing concern over incidents of terrorism going on all over the world, particularly in the motherland Pakistan, another resolution considered that it has become the order of the day, no city remained safe while hundreds of innocent people were becoming its target.

The resolution strongly supporting the steps taken by President Pervez Musharraf, particularly the Anti-Terrorism Act, demanded from the government to get it implemented strictly. For that purpose, it said, it was necessary that the government, opposition, electronic and print media, rather all sections of society should express hatred against all terrorist groups as in it lay the key welfare of all and dignity and honour of the motherland.

Another resolution while strongly condemning the abduction of Chinese engineers, made it clear that China is our best friend that supported not only Pakistan but the whole Islamic World. Therefore, abduction of engineers and other such tactics are a heinous conspiracy to leave the motherland alone in the comity of nations but every power should keep in mind that they could not created any hurdle in the friendship of Pakistan and China.

Expressing deep sorrow and grief over the death of a Chinese engineer and expressing sympathy with the bereaved family, it demanded from the government to form a broad-based Tribunal so as to root out terrorism, correct the law and order situation. The resolution appealed the people to remain alert and thwart all conspiracies of the enemies of the religion and the motherland through their mutual unity and brotherhood.

TNFJ finalizes Ramazan special programs, urges promotion of unity during holy month

RAWALPINDI - October 14: An important meeting of central committees of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya (TNFJ) was held here on Thursday to lay down programmes for the month of Ramazan-ul-Mubarik.

Central Secretary Information Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi presided over the meeting which was attended by Central Ramazan Reception Day Committee Convener Dr. Nazir Hussain Shah, Central Day of Grief Committee Convener Allama Basharat Imami, Central Peace Day Committee Convener Syed Bin Moosa Kazmi, Central Mourning Days Committee Convener Dr. Iqbal Javed Haideri, Central Quran Revelation Festival Committee Convener Malik-e-Ashtar, and Central Al-Quds Solidarity with Oppressed Committee Convener Meesam Tammar.

Conveners for all the four provinces including Federal Capital Islamabad, Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas as well as outside the country were also appointed during the meeting.

Zaidi, in his address on the occasion said, Ramazan-ul-Mubarik is the holiest month that preaches achievement of purification of self, worship and blessings. Pakistan is confronted with terrorism and our combined enemy was using all her tactics to cause harm to the motherland but the unity and brotherhood followed by the recognised schools of Muslim thought is exemplary owing to which every conspiracy of the enemy aimed at creating rift amongst them has been thwarted and the enemy would get the same treatment in future also.

But, he said, it has to be seen what are our responsibilities in the present critical situation. He said the government is duty bound to correct the law and order situation and get the Anti-Terrorism Act implemented in letter and spirit, and fulfilling the long-standing demand of TNFJ form a broad-based Tribunal to probe incident of terrorism, give severe punishment to the culprits, and compensate the loss of the affected.

Zaidi lauded the statement of Federal Information Minister Shaikh Rashid Ahmed given at the Inter-Provincial Conference of Information Ministers in which he has announced to take action against those who present terrorists as heroes. He said such an action is necessary for the solidarity of the motherland but it needs practical action.

He said the TNFJ Secretary General has apprised the powers that be from President, Prime Minister to all the four provincial governments including that of Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas of the programmes to be organised during the month of Ramazan, therefore, the government should take special arrangements in this connection keeping the sanctity of Ramazan-ul-Mubarik in view at every stage.

The TNFJ Central Secretary Information Syed Qamar Zaidi demanded suitable coverage for their programmes, people should remain alert, and all religious institutions and places should be put under special security measures while the organisers should themselves remain alert, every thing that may provoke others should be avoided, Aa’imma Masajid should promote unity and brotherhood through their addresses, and special prays should be offered for solidarity and development of the motherland Pakistan, rooting out of problems and difficulties, annexation of occupied Muslim areas, and success of all independence movements.

Moosavi announces Youm-e-Istaqbal-e-Ramazan, urges all stratums to declare hatred against terrorist outfits

RAWALPINDI - October 13: Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, chief of the Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan has announced to observe Youm-e-Istaqbal-e-Ramazan (Day of Ramadan Reception) throughout the country on Friday, 29th of Shaban.

In a statement issued here on Wednesday, he said as some things are given supremacy over the others, therefore, Ramazan-ul-Mubarik has been blessed with supremacy over all months. There is a saying of the Masoom (A.S.) that goes: One who keeps fasts for last three days of the Shaban and connects them with the month of Ramazan, then Allah Will shower the reward of life-time fasts to him.

Agha Moosavi said that a saying of Abu As-Salat goes: I reached Hazrat Imam Zamin Ali bin Moosa Ar-Raza (A.S.) on the last Friday of the month of Shaban, who said that major part of the month of Shaban has passed and this is last Friday of the month, therefore whatever time is left should be utilised, forgiveness should be sought for the lapses committed during the passed days of the month, seek forgiveness and exercise more beneficial work i.e. recitation from the Holy Quran, seeking forgiveness so that when the sun of Ramazan rises you become pure, and do not leave any trust or loan on you, pay it off, and do not keep hypocrisy against anyone, give up sins, fear from Allah, and bank only on Allah in all matters whether they are open or secret because one who banks on Allah, He is enough for him, and recite this dua in the end of this month:

(Allah if You have not forgiven during the passed days of Shaban then forgive during the remaining days of this month)

The TNFJ chief said in the light of the saying of the Masoom (A.S.) it is obligatory for us to seek forgiveness for our sins. He said at present the biggest and greatest sin is terrorism. Therefore, all countrymen should strongly condemn terrorists and terrorism on the occasion of Youm-e-Istaqbal-e-Ramazan.

In this connection it is necessary for the government, the opposition and all patriotic religious and political parties to commit to announce their hatred against terrorist groups, he concluded.

Meanwhile, TNFJ Central Committee has been formed to organise programmes for Youm-e-Istaqbal-e-Ramazan. Dr. Nazir Hussain Shah has been nominated Convener and Malik-e-Ashtar as Secretary of this Committee.

Allama Haideri to TNFJ Punjab office-bearers: Presenting banned groups at forums and media as champions of peace “great injustice”

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - October 12: Allama Tajuddin Haideri, Central Vice-President of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan while addressing the office-bearers and workers of TNFJ Provincial Council Punjab said rooting out terrorism is the most important need of the hour.

He said at present the whole humanity, particularly Pakistan is confronted with one problem or the other, and fear and harassment is rife all around. Every Maktab and its followers who desire peace are upset, disturbed and gloomy, he added. We all are under the obligation to practically struggle to our maximum capacity to stop this menace but the rulers are more duty-bound than all to utilise all their energies for restoration of law and order.

Haideri said President Pervez Musharraf taking most important steps in this regard has not only unveiled terrorists rather have imposed ban on them. Continuation of terrorism despite all out efforts against it is a big question mark. He said Gen. Pervez Musharraf must find out those powers that have sabotaged the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Commenting on the recent government decisions to control terrorism, Allama Haideri said the statement of the Interior Minister about ban on gatherings had created confusion but the Federal Information Minister Shaikh Rashid Ahmed has cleared this confusion by saying that ban has only been imposed on gatherings organised by banned organisations and all religious and political activities otherwise would continue as usual.

He made it clear that imposing ban on all gatherings is tantamount to encroaching upon the basic rights that is not allowed by any law and constitution in the world. The poor are being victimised owing to crackdown on banned organisations because on many places innocent people are being arrested in the garb of workers of the banned organisations while people belonging to banned groups are being presented at big fora and TV channels as champions of peace, that is tantamount to “judge himself is the murderer”.

The TNFJ Vice-President said the dream of restoring peace could not come true unless the government puts her hand on the real workers and big crocodiles of the banned groups. He said we still stick to our 20-year-old stand that there is no Maktabi or Maslaki conflict in Pakistan and today the whole world is accepting this point of view that terrorism is the mischievous activity of our perpetual and combined enemy.

He said Sunni-Shia are brothers of each other who created Pakistan jointly and will defend it jointly also by thwarting every conspiracy and mischief of the enemy, and would not allow any harm to be caused to the honour and dignity of the motherland.

Terror incidents including Hussaini Mosque doing of combined enemy: TNFJ meeting

RAWALPINDI - October 11: Syed Mazhar Ali Shah Advocate, Secretary General of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan has called upon the government to give immediate attention towards rooting out administrative Hypocrisy to control unending acts of terrorism so that effective implementation of Anti-Terrorism Act could be ensured and the fearful people could take sigh of relief.

He stated this while addressing an emergent meeting of the central office-bearers of the Tehreek that condemned the incidents of terrorism that took place at Masjid-e-Kashmirian Mochi Gate Lahore, Rashidabad Multan, Masjid-e-Zainabia Sialkot, and the heinous murder of Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatam-e-Nabuwwat’s Nazim Mufti Jameel and Maulana Nazir Taunsvi, terming this long-established way a heinous and joint conspiracy of our perpetual enemy against Islam, Pakistan, and people.

Mazhar Ali Shah Advocate said that recent incidents have proved that there is no Maktabi or Maslaki conflict in Pakistan rather it is the mischief on the part of combined enemy of Sunnis and Shias and tracing the enemy is the foremost obligation of us all.

He said both ruling Muslim League (Q) and the opposition are bound to trace the agents of banned organisations who have made way into their ranks, keep themselves away from them and similarly investigations against the black sheep penetrated in administration ranks should be initiated as hypocritical attitude on their part and their connivance with the banned organisations have created immense problems for the nation and the country.

The TNFJ Secretary General said integrity of the country is linked with the protection of its people, therefore, the powers that be should give all type of reservations and utilise all their energies in ensuring law and order and get the Anti-Terrorism Act implemented effectively, form a broad-based Tribunal to probe all these terror incidents, government should give ideological representation to Maktab-e-Tashayyo in all State institutions including the media, and the May 21, 1985 Junejo-Moosavi agreements for resolving the long-standing Shia problems should be implemented.

It was decided at the meeting that Death Anniversary of Ummul Momineen Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra (S.A.) will be observed on 10th Ramazan-ul-Mubarik as Grief Day throughout the country. Allama Basharat Hussain would be the Convener for this programme. The Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Imam Hassan Mujtab (A.S.) will be observed on 15th Ramazan-ul-Mubarik as Peace Day. Bin Musa Kazmi will be the Convener for this programme while 3-day Mourning Days will be observed from 19-21 Ramazan-ul-Mubarik Convener for which will be Dr. Iqbal Javed Haideri. Day of Al-Quds Solidarity With Oppressed will be observed on Jummatul Widah. Meesam-e-Tammar will be Convener for this programme.

The participants of the meeting while declaring terrorism a fatal poison for a country and the nations suggested serious efforts of the part of the government to root out this menace. They reiterated their resolve to protect motherland Pakistan at all costs and not to allow anyone to cause any harm to the same.

Karachi, Waziristan terrorism well-thought conspiracy: Moosavi

RAWALPINDI – 10 October: Agha Syed Hamid Moosavi, Chief of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan while condemning the last day gory murder of administrator Aalmi Majlis-e-Tahaffuz-e-Khatme Nabuwwat Mufti Jamil and his comrade Maulana Nazir Taunswi in broad daylight in Karachi besides abduction of two Chinese engineers along with their two guards and a driver working on Gomal Zam Dam in South Waziristan, has termed these incidents open terrorism and a well-planned heinous conspiracy against the admitted Schools of Thought and Pakistan.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Agha Moosavi said terror incidents one after the other, murder and rapacity, dacoity and kidnapping are doings of our combined enemy which in a bid to divert attention from state terrorism being continued in Kashmir and Palestine and hide its face from battle ongoing in Iraq with the resistance groups. To meet this objective, it desires to harm Pakistan for being an ideological State and Atomic Power through its agents and stooges by spreading anarchy and chaos, because it is not only facing disgrace throughout the world owing to its cheap tactics rather its so-called claims of protection of human rights have been exposed and the international big forums have declared its interference in other countries offensive.

The TNFJ chief said Islam not only considers murder of a Muslim but of every innocent illegal and terms it oppression, what to say that murder of worshippers in Mosques and Imambargahs and respected ulema is grand offense. Murder of an aalim (scholar) is murder of whole aalam (world), and we severely condemn it.

He stressed that loathsome conspiracy of terrorism could only be foiled by practically displaying unity and fraternity. He made clear to the combined and perpetual enemy that big to big Taghoot could never create split-up among Schools of Thought.

The Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Syed Hamid Moosavi demanded from President General Pervez Musharraf and Premier Shaukat Aziz to form a broader tribunal to probe into all incidents of terrorism without any concession and putting aside all expediencies. Also, all Schools of Thought are under obligation to express practical averseness for banned outfits and terrorist groups, and remain vigilant.

He made clear that we keep collective interests of religion, nation and the country dearest. Terrorists are enemies of humanity while terrorism is the biggest evil. Mere statements are not sufficient to root terrorism out rather the government should have to take practical steps.

Moosavi in interview to AN London panel outlines causes of ATA ineffectiveness, depicts TNFJ role in Marjaiyat protection, vows to foil civil war conspiracy in Pak

RAWALPINDI – 09 October: Chief of Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said agents of terrorist organizations have made their place in government and opposition ranks hence, ban on terrorists outfits is not sufficient rather President Musharraf would have to lay hand on these penetrated-in-government and opposition elements that are constantly engaged in hollowing the roots of the country and the nation.

He made his remarks in an interview to a five-member panel of Azadar Network London headed by Syed Nasir Abbas.

Moosavi expressed his astonishment that how those people due to whose words, deeds and heinous character the blood of thousands of innocent people was flown in the beloved motherland, are moving about without hindrance. Oppression over oppression is that, also the media is providing them more strength giving them full coverage.

The TNFJ Chief said the same is the root cause of ineffectiveness of Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) that leaders of banned groups are extending indirect help to the terrorists by sitting in government palaces and opposition alliances even today. He said nothing is precious than safety and integrity of motherland, therefore President Musharraf should find out those forces which are obstacle in putting hand on these elements. Further more, some agency should investigate that those who had not means of food and clothes till yesterday, how they have become today the owners of property of billions, palaces and dozens of institutions? Interests of the country and the nation were sold out where and where and to whom?

He said elimination of terrorism is the voice of whole nation; therefore, government must take bold and courageous steps after consultation with religion and motherland loving forces. Coward terrorists would never stay in front of those steps, which the government would take for protection of the nation and the country and eradication of terrorism taking the nation in confidence.

In response to a question, Agha Moosavi said that pushing religious parties in electoral politics on sectarian basis in 1980s was a political trick of Zia dictatorship, and the nation had to face its music in the form of interminable terrorism. He stated that Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya is incessantly active to protect Islamic ideological identity of Pakistan, and the Tehreek possesses this honour that it thwarted the conspiracy of turning Pakistan into a sectarian State.

Answering a query, the Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Syed Hamid Moosavi said Islam was disseminated in Indo-Pak Sub Continent courtesy to the sweet tongue and true character of elders of religion i.e. Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and Hazrat Bari Imam. He termed fulfillment of rights of all prerequisite for development of nation and the country. Rich stratum always disappointed the nation, while on every stage of trial, poor offered sacrifice, he said.

“Center of Spiritualism is Holy Najaf,” he said adding that sensing the conspiracy of destroying this it was Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya (TNFJ) who first raised voice and played a historic role for protection and defense of Marjaiyat instead of any personality.

Syed Hamid Moosavi went on saying that we are against every oppressor and supporter and helper of every oppressed regardless of color, creed, religion, sect and country, Shia and Sunni are brethren to each other, there are no signs of sectarian tension in anywhere in Pakistan, all Schools of Thought will jointly foil the conspiracy of making Pakistan a prey of civil war.

(Minutiae of interview would soon be released on TNFJ website http://www.tnfj.org.pk/ and Walayat News http://www.walayat.net/)

Big anti-terrorism gatherings, rallies across the country mark end of Martyrs Days

ISLAMABAD – 8 October: Global Martyrs Days programmes announced by Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan concluded on Friday. Quran Khwani, Majalis-e-Tarahim, condolence meetings and peaceful protest rallies were held in all small and big cities and towns of the country for upgradation of Martyrs’ status, on this occasion.

Khutaba while delivering Friday sermons presented homage to all martyrs without any discrimination, prayed for promotion of their status besides expressing sympathies with the bereaved families.

A Majlis-e-Tarhim, organized by TNFJ district Islamabad, was held at the shrine of Sakhi Mehmoud Badshah, Aabpara, for height of ranks of martyrs.

Dr. S.M.Rizvi, convener TNFJ Central Martyrs Days Committee, while addressing the gathering said terrorism in Multan and Sialkot is a deep conspiracy against Muslim Ummah and beloved motherland Pakistan aimed at making makatib and masalik to fight each other and destabilizing the country so that enemies of Islam could meet their heinous targets.

By a resolution, the gathering unanimously demanded from the government to take strict action against the banned groups, but noble citizens and patriotic and religion-loving organizations should not be teased. The resolution urged that some private channels and national newspapers, which bred at the money of banned outfits, should be stressed to work under law.

A peaceful demonstration was staged at the end of the majlis led by different scholars. Protestors were holding portraits of Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Syed Hamid Moosavi besides banners and placards inscribed with condemnation for Sialkot and Multan incidents and demands regarding effective implementation of Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA).

Allama Tajuddin Haideri, Central Senior Vice-President of the TNFJ while addressing a Majlis-e-Shuhada, said the objective of human being’s creation is worship and subservience to Allah and life is the name of struggle. Therefore, struggle for achievement of highest religious goals is going on all the time and sacrificing life to achieve this objective is considered a blessing while Martyrdom is the zenith of life.

Allama Haideri said the worst terrorism in Sialkot and Multan is the continuation of incidents continuously taking place for the last eight months through which our perpetual enemy desires to pitch us against each other so as to destabilise Pakistan. He lamented that administrative institutions that keep a soft corner for banned groups did not exercise sincerity of purpose for implementing the revolutionary and courageous steps taken by President Musharraf to root out terrorism.

As a result of which, he said, extremist banned groups and their wings were active by changing their names and outfit and some private TV channels and national newspapers were presenting them as representatives of different Makatib. He said terrorists are terrorists in whatever shape they are. If the government is sincere in taking action against banned groups then first of all, it should take notice of inclusion of these groups in political alliances and review the fact that which power is responsible for their registration with the Election Commission with new names and their participation in elections.

The TNFJ Vice-President said one incident after the other, one body after the other makes the government and its agencies active but afterwards government ministers call on heads of these banned groups in the form of delegations and if this trend continued, then how could the terrorism be controlled, he asked. He said terming any incident of terrorism an outcome of any reaction is not correct as this trend would strengthen sectarian conflicts despite the recognised fact that there is no Maktabi and Maslaki conflict in any region of the world including Pakistan and terming the war amongst a handful of extremists as a conflict amongst Makatib and Masalik is tantamount to strengthening terrorism.

A resolution adopted on the occasion while terming the government decision to take action against banned groups as voice of the whole nation, demanded from the government to invite representatives of recognised schools of thought in their meetings that are held at government level to create coherence, and avoid inviting those in these meetings who are traditionally flattering people and those who represent banned organisations working with new names.

The resolution demanded effective implementation of Anti-Terrorism Act and immediate arrest of culprits responsible for incidents of terrorism, giving them exemplary punishment and pay compensation to the affected.

Another resolution called upon the government to provide special treatment facilities to the injured of these incidents. It lamented that the government did not fulfil the promise of reconstructing Mosque and Imambargah Ali Raza, Karachi before Ramazan-ul-Mubarik.