Let football jerseys wholesale me start off by saying that I'm sorry that I exploited your team's extremely polite refusal to score a touchdown late in the 4th quarter on Sunday night. You were simply being wholesale nfl jerseys china considerate guests in AT&T Stadium. What I should have done was make a feigned effort like I was going wholesale football jerseys to steal the game right out from under you, but instead thrown an interception that once again earned me the ridicule of a nation. My bad.

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So I just had to do nfl jerseys wholesale what I did. I don't feel great about it, but I want you to understand authentic nfl jerseys cheap where I'm coming from.

{related}I'm sorry, Eli Manning. I can see it's already a trying season for you, what with watching your old brother's arm falling off. I can see this only added to your grief. Hang in there, pal. Oh, and beat Philly cheap jerseys wholesale for me. Thanks!

I'm sorry, Tom Coughlin. You're probably getting fired soon, but you've had a good run! Two rings. I'd kill for two rings. Oh, and doesn't that movie wholesale nfl jerseys with Robert DeNiro playing an intern look interesting? I bet it has a lot of jokes about millennials and their cell phones. You love those.

I'm sorry, Ben McAdoo. wholesale jerseys You kind of look like what Kevin Smith would be if authentic nfl jerseys wholesale he tried to be a jock. I mean that as a compliment, though!

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