6 August: Mukhtar generation Peshawar, Dina in historic protest express solidarity with labenese   (Detail)

4 August: "Youm-e-Murdabad Israel" observed throughout Pakistan on Friday on the call of Tanzim Shia A'immah Masajid   (Detail)

Mukhtar generation Peshawar, Dina in historic protest express solidarity with labenese

PESHAWAR/ DEENA, 6 August: Birth anniversary of little martyr of karbala Hazrat Ali Asghar son of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) was observed with entire religious and national spirit on Saturday in Peshawar like other parts of Pakistan on the eve of Universal Ashra-e-Mawaddat in sequel of call of Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi in order to express solidarity with oppressed Lebanese people.

On this occasion, hundreds of children staged a protest against Israeli barbarism in front of Peshawar Press Club duly organized by children wing Mukhtar Generation of TNFJ District Peshawar.

Protestors were holding portraits of Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Hamid Moosavi, different banners and placards. Addressing the participants of noble cause protest, Aalishan Abbas Kayani President Mukhtar Generation Distt Peshawar termed Israeli aggression and attacks on Lebanon as Weakness of Muslims and expressed his deep grief over the Islamic world that despite their richness in resources, they given their reins into the hands of Washington. Beirut is repeating the history of Karbala where innocent hungry and thirsty children, women, old and young are at the target of Israeli beasts.

He also said that on the occasion of birth anniversary of little 6-month-old martyr of Karbala Hazarat Ali Asghar (A.S), we the members of Mukhtar Generation have gathered here to express solidarity with oppressed Lebanese People on the call of Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Hamid Moosavi.

Syed Own Kazmi President of Mukhtar Generation Islamabad said that we have gathered here on the call of our dear leader Agha Hamid Moosavi to express solidarity with our oppressed Lebanese brothers. He voiced grief on martyrdom of innocent children in Qana and strongly condemned Israeli barbarism. Israel is that beast which has torn humanity in Lebanon. He urged the Muslim rulers that they must arrange our departure to Lebanon, in case they are afraid of Jehad. We are servants of Hazrat Ali Asghar (A.S).

At the end a resolution was passed by Muhammad Ali Kazmi on this occasion urging therein the United Nations, ICC and other world Organizations to take immediate steps to stop Israeli aggression, declare Israel as terrorist and war criminal, get immediate unconditional ceasefire and withdraw allied forces from Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine.

The resolution condemned Muslim states, which have not yet done anything to render support to Lebanon. At the end of the protest, the little demonstrators torched Isreali flag chanting slogans against Israel and UNO.

In Deena, A protest rally was held attended by large number of Mukhtar Generation children. Ali Shan, President Mukhtar Generation Hadala Syedan addressed the rally and demanded from the United Nations to get Israeli aggression in Lebanon stopped forthwith.