August 30, 2012: TNFJ strongly condemns the target killing of Sessions Judge Quetta Zulfiqar Hussain Naqvi (Detail)

August 28, 2012: TNFJ announces Youm-e-Tarheem for Lulusar, Kamra Airbase, Momineen and Muslimeen including Syed Nusrat Ali Naqvi (Detail)

August 27, 2012: Universal Youm-e-Inhidaam Jannatul Baaqee observed to lodge protest against destruction of holy shrines (Detail)

August 27, 2012: Message of Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya
In connection with Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee 8 Shawal 1433 Hijra

August 25, 2012: Reconstruction and decoration of the shrines in Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah are the only source for the Muslim Ummah to get rid of their dilapidated condition, Shujaat Bukhari  (Detail)

August 21, 2012: Eidul Fitr observed with simplicity to express solidarity with the bereaved families of the victims of terrorism in Babusar Naran, Kamra (Detail)

August 19, 2012: Moosavi has appeals the countrymen to observe the Eidul Fitr with simplicity (Detail)

August 17, 2012: Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin observed throughout the country (Detail)

August 16, 2012: Attack at Kamra Airbase and firing incidents on fasting passengers of Gilgit-bound buses are tantamount to making Pakistan’s roots hollow, annexation of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and independence of Palestine and Kashmir should be the foremost objective of the Muslim Ummah, Qods Day Message of Quaid (Detail)

TNFJ strongly condemns the target killing of Sessions Judge Quetta Zulfiqar Hussain Naqvi

RAWALPINDI, August 30: The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has strongly condemned the target killing of Sessions Judge Quetta Zulfiqar Hussain Naqvi along with his gunman and driver and declared the continued incidents of terrorism in the country an open act of barbarism. Addressing a condolence gathering here at the headquarters of the Maktab-e-Tashih Thursday on the occasion of country-wide Youm-e-Tarheem observed to pay homage to the Shuhada-e-Din and motherland and the souls of Momineen and Muslimeen, he said the oppressed and deprived countries, Muslim States, particularly Pakistan are continuously being targeted by the international chief of colonial powers and their agents and her agenda is to carry out aggression against other States, devour their areas, abduct their people, carry out Drone attacks, getting people killed in suicide attacks, promoting biases. In other words, he added, the colonial chief desires to restore Zionist supremacy in the Middle East and Hindu supremacy in South Asia by committing inhuman crimes.

Agha Moosavi said that Pakistan played the role of an front-line ally after the 9/11 incidents as a result of which Pakistan was put into tatters in one and a half decades, thousands sacrificed their lives, losses in billions were borne, our economic hubs Karachi and Balochistan are crying with terrorist wounds, and the gory Thursday incidents are the proof of government inability to control the situation. He said the whole world is now aware and rulers have also said many a time that the Indian consulates in the neighbouring country are the training hubs of terrorists who are busy in massacring innocent people in condemnable activities giving them the colour of lingual, tribal, sectarian and provincial biases.

The TNFJ chief said that some media channels were speaking the language of colonial powers and their agents, they should keep in mind that our combined enemy by killing innocent people does not want to kill Sunnis or Shias but Pakistan. The satanic game being played in the Middle East and South Asia is being strengthened by analyses and comments being presented on our media. He said the Arab League and the OIC did nothing for the solution of problems faced by the Muslim Ummah in their summits being held from time to time rather the life of Muslims is being made difficult instead that is why, he added, Syria staged a walkout in protest from the current NAM summit being held in Iran. These organisations are playing the role of colonial agents making it easy for them to interfere in other countries, he added.

Agha Moosavi lamented that the Government of Pakistan had banned more than three dozen organisations but the same organisations are included in the government committee and get media coverage for their press conferences and other activities. The rulers and politicians pat their back and give all facilities to them. The whole country is hit by terrorism, not only a Maktab or sect rather they all are being killed, one by one, he said adding that the media should give up becoming a spokesperson for colonial powers rather perform their national duty because Pakistan was created by us all jointly and we all have to save it by thwarting every conspiracy and mischief of the satanic powers.

The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi called upon the rulers and the politicians to be sensible, remember their fact, perform good deeds, be kind to one another, and fulfil the norms of justice and fair-play. He said Pakistan and even the whole Islamic World can be turned into a hub of peace and conspiracies of the satanic world could be thwarted by giving their rights to the people. He paid homage to all Shuhada-e-Din and motherland without any discrimination including Syed Nusrat Ali Naqi who performed good deeds throughout their life. He said their services will be remembered for ever as the lives of such pious personalities are the beacon of light for the whole society.

TNFJ announces Youm-e-Tarheem for Lulusar, Kamra Airbase, Momineen and Muslimeen including Syed Nusrat Ali Naqvi

RAWALPINDI, August 28: The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has announced to observe Youm-e-Tarheem for the countrymen who lost their lives in incidents of Lulusar, Kamra Airbase, incidents of terrorism in Karachi, Balochistan and for all Shuhada-e-Din and motherland, Momineen and Muslimeen including Syed Nusrat Ali Naqvi on Thursday, August 30. Quran Khawani and Majalis-e-Tarheem will be organized and sympathy will be extended to the bereaved families.

In a statement issued from the headquarters of the Maktab-e-Tashih he said the Zaat-e-Illahi Has blessed the human being with uncountable blessings and by declaring his supremacy has thrown everything within his reach so that he could lead a successful life by taking all types of benefits. He said Anbia, Mursaleen, Hadiyan and Rahbars were sent for the guidance of the human being who put them on the right path. He sent the Khatmi Martabat (SAAW) in the end by making him a blessing for the universe and the religion he preached was declared a complete code of life. He announced the good news of completion of the religion and to remain attached with Quran and Ahle Bait (A.S.). He said today all Muslims recite Kalma courtesy these holy personalities that is why Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya highlights their pious life through observing the days of these personalities with devotion and respect.

Agha Moosavi made it clear that observing the Universal Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee on 8 Shawal was the part of that strategy because we consider the respect of the Ahle Bait Athaar (A.S.) of the Hazoor-e-Akram (SAAW), Ajwaaj-e-Mutahiraat and Sahaba Kubaar obligatory. Thanking all schools of thought, media and the religious organizations and institutions the world over for their support on the occasion of Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee he said publishing news and pictures of these programmes is laudable. He said coverage by the foreign media highlighting the protest is a lesson for those channels who recite Kalma-e-Nabi. He said we are the offspring and followers of those who uttered Kalma-e-Haq on the point of the spear and consider our struggle as worship and a blessing.

The TNFJ chief demanded from the government to take notice of the banned terrorist groups working with new names. He lamented that police arrest some terrorists but courts set them free on the pretext of lack of proofs. He said the dream of durable peace could not come true unless these terrorists are tackled with an iron hand and ban is not imposed on their activities and their coverage on the media is not stopped. He lamented that the electronic media that gives full coverage to the press conferences and programmes of the banned groups could not see the Matmi protest rallies on the Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee that tantamount to negative journalism.

The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said the government should declare the Gilgit-Biltistan, Peshawar-Parachinar, and Quetta-Taftaan routes sensitive and prepare a comprehensive protective plan for the passengers using these routes.

Meanwhile, the TNFJ Youm-e-Tarheem Committee has been formed with Allama Fakhar Abbas Abidi as Convener and Assad Abbas Haideri as Secretary.

Universal Youm-e-Inhidaam Jannatul Baaqee observed to lodge protest against destruction of holy shrines

ISLAMABAD, August 27: The Universal Youm-e-Inhidaam Jannatul Baaqee was observed throughout the country on Monday on the call of Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi to lodge protest against destruction of holy shrines of Khatoon-e-Jannat Hazrat Syeda Fatima Zehra (S.A.) Ummahatul Momineen and Sahaba Kubaar in Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah at the hands of Saudi rulers on 8th Shawal, 1925. On this occasion Majalis-e-Aza were held and protest Matmi processions were taken out in all big cities and towns against the destruction of holy shrines.

In Federal Capital Islamabad, the protest procession was taken out by TNFJ District Islamabad Universal Youm-e-Inhidaam Jannatul Baqee Committee from Darbar Aalia Hazrat Sakhi Mahmood Badshah near Aabpara. The rally was led by Ulema Karaam and religious elite belonging to different schools of thought. Allama Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi, Central Secretary Information of the TNFJ, read out the message of Quaid-i-Millat Jafariay Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi. Allama Syed Hussain Muqaddasi and Allama Sh. Ijaz Hussain Madras also addressed the rally.

Similar resolutions presented by Allama Fakhar Abbas Abdi were adopted by the participants demanding all international organisations including the United Nations, the Security Council and the OIC to ensure the dignity of the holy places by getting the same reconstructed. They demanded to declare all holy places including the Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah as International Cities and called upon the Government of Pakistan to get the holy places including the Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah restored by the Saudi government under the May 21, 1985 Junejo-Moosavi agreement by putting up diplomatic pressure on the Saudi government.

Later the rally terminated at Darbar Sakhi Mahmood Badshah where special prayers were offered to mark the conclusion of the rally.

In Rawalpindi, the central Matmi protest demonstration was taken out from Imambargah Nasir Al-Aza, Chowk Waris Khan.

The protest rally among others was led by Ulema Karam belonging to different schools of thought, office-bearers of TNFJ and other subordinate bodies, provincial, regional and district elite, leaders and Matmi Salars of religious organizations. The participants of the procession marched towards Committee Chowk through marching the Murree Road performing Matamdari and Noha-Khwani where it took the shape of a grand rally. The rally was led by Ulem belonging to different schools of thought, office-bearers of central and subordinate sections of the TNFJ, provincial, regional and district elite and leaders and Matmi Salars of the religious organisations. The minor workers of Mukhtar Generation and jawans of Ibrahim Scouts were carrying Shabih of Jannatul Baqee, and banners and placards inscribed with different slogans.

At this point Allama Syed Mohsin Ali Hamadi, addressing the rally lamented that the shrines of those holy personalities on which every conscious Muslims is grieved. Allama Syed Tasawwar Hussain Naqvi also addressed the gathering.

A few resolutions presented by Abbas Jafri were also adopted unanimously on the occasion. One of the resolutions said the whole Islamic World has become the symbol of protest of the destruction of mazars of Madar-e-Rasool Hazrat Bibi Amna, home of the Paighambar-e-Islam (SAAW) and other holy places after the destruction of holy mazars of Ahle Bait Athaar (A.S.,) Sahaba Kubaar, and Ummahatul Momineen at the hands of Aal-e-Saud. A resolution strongly condemned the criminal silence on the part of Islamic States, OIC and Arab League on the destruction of Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah and said if the interests of Islamic States are on risk then they are pitched against brother Muslim States forgetting all relations of brotherhood and mutual understanding but it is tragic that none of the Islamic States lodged any protest with Saudi Arabia at diplomatic level against the destruction of this great asset. The resolution also condemned double standards of the international organizations including the United Nations and UNESCO who claim to be the champions of world’s cultural heritage. The resolution also criticized the international media for ignoring the destruction of mazars of Mashaheer-e-Islam.

Another resolution demanded to declare Makkah and Madinah the status of international cities so that the Islamic signs could be protected from continuous destruction. The resolution made it clear that this protest is not against any country, Maslak or a family but against the attack on Shia-Sunni brethren. The participants of the rally expressed their solidarity with the whole oppressed world particularly the innocent people of Kashsmir, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan. The resolution said that the protest against the destruction of Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah would continue till the restoration of the dignity of holy mazars.

Later, the rally terminated at Imambargah Col. Maqbool Hussain after passing through its traditional route where special prayers marked the conclusion of the rally. Mukhtar Force volunteers escorted the rally throughout while District Administration had made fool-proof arrangements en route the rally. Police officers and jawans remained with the rally throughout.

Meanwhile according to reports reaching the offices of Universal Youm-e-Inhidaam Jannatul Baqee Committee, the protest rallies were also organised and Majalis-e-Aza were held in Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi, Chakwal, Larkana, Faisalabad, Quetta, Jhelum, Sialkot, Muzaffarabad, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Gilgit, Bhakkar, Multan, Kasur, and Khairpur.

















Message of Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya
In connection with Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee 8 Shawwal 1433 Hijra

بسمہ تعالیِٰ

‏ذَلِكَ وَمَن يُعَظِّمْ حُرُمَتِ ٱللَّهِ فَهُوَ خَيْرٌۭ لَّهُۥ عِندَ رَبِّهِۦ ۗ (Surah Hajj 30)
Such (is the Pilgrimage): Whoever honours the sacred Rites of God, for him. It is good in the sight of his Lord.

In the light of Ahadees, what does Hurmaat mean the explanation of it is given as stated by renowned companion Abi Saeed Al-Khadri:
عن ابی سعید الخدری قال قال رسول اللہ (ص) ان اللہ عزو جل۔ حرمات ثلاثا۔ من حفظھن حفظ اللہ لہ امر دینہ و دنیا و من لم یحفظھن لم یحفظ اللہ لہ شیاً۔ حرمۃ الاسلام و حرمتی و حرمۃ رحمی
(Al-Moajam Al-Kabeer Tibrani, edition 3, page 135).

The Holy Prophet (SAAW) said, no doubt, there are three Hurmaat, if any one made relaxation, protection and defence of the same then Allah Will protect and take care of his matter here and the Hereafter. If Allah’s Hurmaat were not protected then Allah Will extend no relaxation, these Hurmaat are: Hurmat of Islam, my hurmat and the hurmat of my Ahle Bait (A.S.)”

What is the hurmat of Islam? Islam is that most liked religion that has been termed the religion of all Anbia, therefore Allah Says:

شَرَعَ لَكُم مِّنَ ٱلدِّينِ مَا وَصَّىٰ بِهِۦ نُوحًۭا وَٱلَّذِىٓ أَوْحَيْنَآ إِلَيْكَ وَمَا وَصَّيْنَا بِهِۦٓ إِبْرَهِيمَ وَمُوسَىٰ وَعِيسَىٰٓ ۖ أَنْ أَقِيمُوا۟ ٱلدِّينَ وَلَا تَتَفَرَّقُوا۟ فِيهِ ۚ

‎The same religion has He established for you as that which He enjoined on Noah — The which We have sent by inspiration to thee — and that which We enjoined on Abraham, Moses, and Jesus: Namely, that ye should remain steadfast in religion, and make no divisions therein. (Surah Shoora 13).

There foundation of Islam rests on five things i.e. Tauheed (oneness), justice, Nabuwwat, Imamat, and Ma’ad.

The hurmat of the Rasool (SAAW) is the Holy Prophet (SAAW) has been considered the best of all Anbia and teasing him has been declared illegal (Haraam).

‏وَمَن يُشَاقِقِ ٱلرَّسُولَ مِنۢ بَعْدِ مَا تَبَيَّنَ لَهُ ٱلْهُدَىٰ وَيَتَّبِعْ غَيْرَ سَبِيلِ ٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَ نُوَلِّهِۦ مَا تَوَلَّىٰ وَنُصْلِهِۦ جَهَنَّمَ ۖ وَسَآءَتْ مَصِيرًا ‎

If anyone contends with the Apostle even after guidance has been plainly conveyed to him, and follows a path other than that becoming to men of faith, We shall leave him in the path he has chosen, and land him in hell, — what an evil refuge! (Surah Al-Nisa 115)

The hurmat of the Ahle Bait (A.S.) is clear from this Hadees, that:

عن الحسین (ع) بن علی (ع) ان رسول اللہ (ص) قال: الزموامودتنا اھل البیت فانہ من لقی اللہ عز و جل و ھو یودنادخل الجنۃ بشفاعتنا والذی نفسی بیدہ لا ینفع عبداً عملہ الا بمعرفتہ حقنا
(Majma Al-Zaid, edition 9, page 172)

The Paighambar (SAAW) said you may make the devotion of Ahle Bait (A.S.) on you because a person who will meet Allah in this condition that he has our devotion in his heart, then he will enter the heaven with our intercession. By God Who has my life in His control the deeds of any person would not be beneficial for him unless he recognizes our right.

It should be clear that the honour and dignity of all the three Hurmaat stated above are obligatory for everyone. Similarly, all those signs and impressions that are related with Allah, Islam, Paighambar-e-Islam (SAAW) and Ahle Bait (A.S.) are Sha’air Allah and Sha’air-e-Islam the respect of which is must and termed Taqwah partially.

‏ذَلِكَ وَمَن يُعَظِّمْ شَعَٓئِرَ ٱللَّهِ فَإِنَّهَا مِن تَقْوَى ٱلْقُلُوبِ ‎

Such (is his state): and Whoever holds in honour the Symbols of God, (in the sacrifice of animals), such (honour) should come truly from piety of heart. (Surah Hajj 32)

If our claim is that we love Allah then Allah Says:

‏قُلْ إِن كُنتُمْ تُحِبُّونَ ٱللَّهَ فَٱتَّبِعُونِى يُحْبِبْكُمُ ٱللَّهُ وَيَغْفِرْ لَكُمْ ذُنُوبَكُمْ ۗ وَٱللَّهُ غَفُورٌۭ رَّحِيمٌۭ ‎

Say: "If ye do love God, follow me: God will love you and forgive you your sins: For God is oft-forgiving, Most Merciful." (Sura Aal-e-Imran 31)

This was sent about the Rasool (SAAW) about whom it is stated:

وَمَآ ءَاتَٰكُمُ ٱلرَّسُولُ فَخُذُوهُ وَمَا نَهَٰكُمْ عَنْهُ فَٱنتَهُوا۟ ۚ

So take what the Apostle assigns to you, and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you. (Surah Hashr 7)

While the Holy Prophet (SAAW) said about the implementation of commandments of Islam and has asked to stop from Munkiraat and about Rasool (SAAW) it has been said to the extent that your voice should not be louder than the Rasool (SAAW).

‏يَٓأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا۟ لَا تَرْفَعُوٓا۟ أَصْوَتَكُمْ فَوْقَ صَوْتِ ٱلنَّبِىِّ وَلَا تَجْهَرُوا۟ لَهُۥ بِٱلْقَوْلِ كَجَهْرِ بَعْضِكُمْ لِبَعْضٍ أَن تَحْبَطَ أَعْمَلُكُمْ وَأَنتُمْ لَا تَشْعُرُونَ ‎

O ye who believe! Raise not your voices! Above the voice of the Prophet, nor speak aloud to him in talk, as ye may speak aloud to one another, lest your deeds become! Vain and ye perceive not. (Surah Al-Hujerat 2)

While Ahle Bait (A.S.) are those whose devotion has been declared obligatory under:

قُل لَّآ أَسْـَٔلُكُمْ عَلَيْهِ أَجْرًا إِلَّا ٱلْمَوَدَّةَ فِى ٱلْقُرْبَىٰ ۗ(Surah Shoora 23)

The norm of the love was that we not only respected and honoured these holy personalities rather considered the signs, graves and the places where they are buried as blessing and respected the same and used the dust of those places as ‘surma’ and won the place near Allah because Allah Has said:

‏يَٓأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا۟ ٱتَّقُوا۟ ٱللَّهَ وَٱبْتَغُوٓا۟ إِلَيْهِ ٱلْوَسِيلَةَ وَجَهِدُوا۟ فِى سَبِيلِهِۦ لَعَلَّكُمْ تُفْلِحُونَ ‎

O ye who believe! Do your duty to God, seek the means of approach unto Him, and strive with might and main in His cause: That ye may presper. (Surah Al-Maida 35)

Here the explanation of the source (Waseelah) has not been given therefore that thing will be declared source that would be in line with Allah’s desire. Friendship with the friends and enmity with the enemies of Kitaab Allah, Bait Allah, Hajr-e-Aswad, Nimaz, Roza, Haj, Khums, Jehad, Amar Bil Ma’aroof. Similarly, Anbia (A.S. Aulia Allah, Swaleheen, Shuhada, all these things, deeds and holy personalities that could be considered a source for becoming near to Allah as it has been said in Surah Aal-e-Imran:

‏وَٱعْتَصِمُوا۟ بِحَبْلِ ٱللَّهِ جَمِيعًۭا وَلَا تَفَرَّقُوا۟ ۚ

And hold fast, All together, by the rope which God (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves. (Surah Aal-e-Imran 103)

The question arises that what does mean with Habal Allah. It has not asked to hold Allah rather to hold Allah’s string and that is other than Allah and that is Islam, Paighambar-e-Islam (SAAW), and Ahle Bait (A.S.) who are the source (Wastah) between Allah and people, they are the Habal Allah and on this basis Aulia Karaam were also declared Habal Allah. Moreover, the Paighambar-e-Islam (SAAW) has also said that I am leaving two invaluable things amongst you i.e. Quran and Ahle Bait (A.S.) and at some places it is stated about Quran and Sunnah that if you remained attached with them then you will never be misled. So it has become clear that these things are source, Waseelah and Habal Allah. In short, all these holy personalities and all things related with them, their respect and honour of the holy personalities and Sha’air is binding after they leave this world as it was binding during their life.

But unfortunately those Hurmaat of the Muslim Ummah for which Allah Had given the commandment Himself were razed to ground by Aal-e-Saud on the black day of 8 Shawal 1344 Hijra soon after taking over power in Najad and Hejaz. At the time when the international colonial powers and atheists prepared the dangerous plan to end the Khalifate Usmania, they first of all began their heinous agenda by infuriating the Arab World against Khalifate. The conscious selling tribal Sardars were prepared to root out Khalifate by promising them to make them absolute rulers of small areas. In the World War-I when the world was being crushed under oppression and brutality, the British colonialists reaped full benefit and took control of a large Arab area through their heinous tactics. Usmani rule was rooted out through tribal Sardars, the Usmani army and other personnel were driven out and by doing this the British colonial powers took over the reign of powers and handed over the same to their agents. Najad and Hejaz were handed over to Abdel Aziz Aal-e-Saud who carried out aggression against Makkah, Madinah and Taif under the supervision of British government. Ulema, Marajas, Fuqaha, women, children and patients were not spared while thousands were killed in Taif.

یہی شیخ حرم ہے جو چرا کربیچ کھاتا ہے گلیم بوذرولق اویس و چادرزہرا (علامہ اقبال)

In that way, Makkah and Madinah that were the holiest places and the centres of religion of Islam went in the hands of British agents who began fulfilment of their designs from 1344 Hijra and wiped out the signs of Rasool’s (SAAW) elders Hazrat Hashim, Hazrat Abd Munaaf, Hazrat Abdul Muttalib, Amm-e-Rasool Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S.), his mother Hazrat Amna (S.A.), Momina-e-Awwal Musaddiqa-e-Rasool, Risalat and Nabuwwat Hazrat Khadijatul Kubra (S.A.) in Jannatul Moallah. Similarly, they rooted out the shrines of Dukhtar-e-Rasool Hazrat Fatima Zehra (S.A.), Ajwajaat-e-Rasool, Ummahat-e-Rasool, Sahabiyaat-e-Rasool, Ahle Bait (A.S.) and all other signs of Anbia, Aulia, Sahaba Kubaar, and Ahle Bait (A.S.) that are the symbol of protest even today.

 اےوادی نجد کے راہزنوکیوں ہم کو آنکھ دکھاتے ہو   جو بھیک میں مانگ کے لائے ہواس طاقت پراتراتے ہو
مہمان کا خون بہاتے ہو ایماں کا نقش مٹاتے ہو        کھاتےہوپیمبر(ص) کاصدقہ اورامت پرغراتے ہو
اک روز بتوں کی طرح تمہیں کعبہ سے نکالا جائے گا (پیام اعظمی)

Today, 90 years are going to complete but the act of wiping out the Hurmaat-e-Illahi is continuing. Now the holy signs are being wiped out in the garb of expansion of Masjid-e-Nabavi and Masjid Al-Haram. According to recent report, the boundary in which Masjid Fatima-tuz-Zehra was situated sometime back and that was one of the Masajid-e-Saba’a, and where the Hujjaj and Zaireen used to offer Ziarat and perform two rakats of Nimaz, has now been converted in a recreational place and a park by the Madinah municipality. This park has been named as “Hadeeqa-tul-Fatah” (or Victory Park). The Masajid-e-Saba’a are related with Sadar-e-Awwal. These mosques are situated in the mountainous chain named “Sala’a” in north-west of Madinah Munawwarah. Ghazwa-e-Khandaq was fought at this place in 5 Hijra. Rasool Allah (SAAW) got a Khandaq dug out in Jang-e-Khandaq on the proposal of Hazrat Salman Farsi. This Khandaq was 10 kilometre long, five kilometres in width and along with Masjid Zu Qiblatain, in west of Madinah began from a smooth earth in semi-circular shape up to Masjid Al-Ajlbaat (that is called Banu Muazwia today) en route Koh-e-Sala’a.

A large part of Madinah comprised oases and was not suitable for war and the rest of the part was made safe through Khandaq. Koh-e-Sala’a was a hurdle between the enemy and Muslims as a Barrier National and the Islamic Lashkar was monitoring the movement of the enemy forces from atop of the Koh-e-Sala’a and Rasool Allah (SAAW) and Sahaba also used to offer their prayers at this place and later mosques were constructed on these places where they offered their prayers so as to keep their memory fresh in mind and to their names alive. The area was mountainous and it looked like in the shape of steps and unevenness in the area was natural. Six mosques were constructed in the area while Masjid Zu Qiblatain already existed. Therefore these mosques were called Masajid-e-Saba’a detail of which is like this: 1. Masjid Fatah; 2. Masjid Salman; 3. Masjid Ali; 4. Masjid Fatima; 5. Masjid Abu Bakr; 6. Masjid Omer; and 7. Masjid Zu Qiblatain. After Najdis came into power in Hejaz they fully tried to wipe out the signs of Islam and Ahle Bait (A.S.) and left the Masajid-e-Saba’a unattended like given up mosques and 12 years ago (1419 Hijra) closed the Masjid Syeda Fatima Zehra (S.A.) with concrete and cement as a result of which this mosque changed into an unattended area and finally wiped out. The Zaireen who recently went for the Ziarat of Masajid-e-Saba’a (this is correctively asked Ziarat-e-Dorah) after visiting Madinah say that there is no sign of Masjid Syeda Fatima Zehra (S.A.) and Masjid Ali (A.S.) in that boundary and the earth could be seen at the place of these mosques where the devotees of Ahle Bait (A.S.) offer prayers in the old place of these mosques in the guidance of their leaders.

It is mentionable that before sealing the door of Masjid Syeda Fatima Zehra (S.A.) with concrete, tree and plants were planted around this mosque in an unusual manner so much so that the mosque building remained invisible for Zaireen even from a short distance. Later after the trees were grown up, the Saudis blocked its door. This was the mosque that had become dilapidated owing to non-repair and non-maintenance and became deserted as the time passed. In the same condition the Saudi rulers were busy in developing the park around it. And after the completion of the park, this mosque was turned into a heap of earth and the Saudis razed this mosque, which was in memory of Dukhtar-e-Nabi (S.A.) for the protection of beautification of the park and thus another invaluable sign of the Islamic culture wiped out from the world scene.

جس قوم کی نگاہ میں بنت نبی کی حیا نہ ہو     اس قوم کا نوشتہ تقدیر ہے زوال (آغا شورش کاشمیری)

Had the Aal-e-Saud no fear of strong reaction of the Islamic World they would not have hesitated even razing the Roza-e-Aqdas of the Holy Prophet (SAAW) to ground. The unpurified game started by these agents of the colonial powers has spread to the whole world now. Destruction of Rozatul Al-Askareen, attacks in Karbala, Najaf-e-Ashraf, Kazmain, Baghdad, terrorism at Mazar Sharif in Afghanistan, bomb blasts in the city of Syeda Zainab (S.A.) Sitta-e-Zainab, targeting holy places in Tunis, Yemen, Egypt, and Libya are the parts of the same conspiracy. In Pakistan also, shrines of Bari Imam, Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Bibi Bibi Pak Daman, Data Darbar, Baba Farid Shakar Ganj were targeted in terrorist attacks.

In the Timbuktu city of African country Male recently, four old shrines of the religious elders belonging to the Khanwada-e-Ahle Bait (A.S.) were razed to the ground while the Unesco had declared these buildings as the international heritage. In Libya, the holy shrine of Sahabi-e-Rasool Zuhair Bin Qais Al-Balaivi was razed to ground. In Bahrain where the human rights are being torn apart, the shrine of Sahabi-e-Rasool Sa’asa bin Suhan has been bulldozed. These incidents indicate that heinous agenda is being followed throughout the world to destruct the Islamic signs.

The American colonial powers are continuing the game of rooting out Islamic signs earlier started by the British colonial power through their agents to reap their own benefits. Their real target is to impose their Zionist agent in the Arab World and Hindus in the South Asia. One on hand they desired to eat out the Islamic World ideologically and not allow unity and coherence in the monetary and army fields in the Islamic World on the other and this could only be done when they keep the 57 Muslim States under their control and this job can only be performed through agent rulers who consider colonial powers their mentors instead of keeping faith in Allah.

At present the whole world of humanity and the world of Shariat has been the target of international satanicism and no days passes without any loss. Pakistan has already borne monetary loss in billions and trillions and thousands of its people have been killed. Today, Rohangia Muslims of Burma are looking towards the Muslim Ummah. The Masjid-e-Aqsa being trampled at the hands of Zionists is once more posing question to the soul of migrant of Yasrib to Palestine; the bloodshed in Syrian, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen is shattering the honour of the Islamic World; the dying signs of Ajdad-e-Nabi (SAAW), Ahle Bait Athaar (A.S.) and pious Sahaba Kubaar are telling the story of the fall of Muslims; the blood of fasting Muslims who were killed in bus incident after identification is unveiling the foreign conspiracies.

مجروح پھر ہے عدل و مساوات کا شعار          'اکیسویں' صدی میں ہےپھر طرفہ انتشار
پھر نائب یزید ہیں دنیا کے شہر یار           پھر کربلائے نو سے ہے نوع بشر دوچار (جوش)

Therefore if the Muslim Ummah desires to turn their areas into a hub of peace and come out of their lawlessness and desire the nod of Allah for them, then they are under the obligation that:

1. Trampling the signs of benefactors of Islam is tantamount to inviting the wrath of God. The holy shrines including Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah which are in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere may be reconstructed and renewed and their honour should be restored and their dignity should be protected. These facilities should be kept open so that the followers of Islam and the devotees of the Holy Prophet (SAAW), Ahle Bait Athaar (A.S.) and pious Sahaba Kubaar could perform Ziarat and enjoy becoming more near to Allah. If it is not done then these cities should be declared International Cities. In that case it would be the responsibility of the international organisations to protect the holy places and Ziareen because these signs are the signs of every nation and Millat. The live nations do not wipe out their signs. Unesco and other organisations should take steps for restoration of these places as a priority. Our protest for the annexation of Bait Al-Maqdas and independence of Kashmir and Palestine and restriction of Hejab on Muslims in western countries, humiliation of Islam and trampling of Muslim rights could only be effective when Muslims restore the honour and dignity of their holy places themselves.

2. Commitment should be announced that not only occupied areas will be got freed from the colonial powers and their allies rather will work jointly on one platform as it is the only way for the Arab League and the OIC to prove themselves representative organisations and work for the oppressed Muslims. Unfortunately these organisations are being misused by the colonial organisations.

3. Many sessions of the OIC have been held but life would only penetrate in it when the OIC member States themselves follow the OIC constitution while it is not being done. Muslim rights are being trampled badly in the Muslim States, therefore, the Muslim States would have to improve the human rights situation within their countries.

4. The colonial power has inducted herself in Muslim States in the garb of ‘friendship’ or ‘human rights’. This power that vetoes every resolution against Israel during the last 64 years, the poisonous friendship of played holy with the blood of Kashmiris, Afghans, and Arab is no more a secret. Therefore Muslims will have to drive out international colonial power and atheists from their States and take their own decisions if they like to get rid of terrorism and terrorists.

5. It has to be made clear on the world that attack on any Muslim State and Maslik will be considered an attack on the whole Islamic World and they all will revert this attack jointly.

This objective of observing Universal Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee is to raise the voice of protest against this oppression that has grieved every Muslim who loves Allah, Rasool (SAAW), Aal-e-Rasool (A.S.) and pious Sahaba Kubaar. Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh Jafariya has the honour to follow this commandment of Amirul Momineen Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S.) کونو للظالم خصماً و للمظلوم عونا raised voice against ever oppressor and supported every oppressed at whatever cost they had to pay.

جو کفن پہن کے نکل پڑے توستم کا نقش مٹا دیا    سردارعشق کی بات کی تہ تیغ درس وفا دیا

This protest of Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya is not against any personality or a party rather it is against oppression, brutality, suppression, tyranny and Malookiyyat, in support of the oppressed, have-nots and the poor, and for the supremacy of Islam. According to Quranic commandment and Mustafvi teachings, this protest is the fundamental right and duty in Shariat of every Kalma rendering Muslim.

نالہ نہیں یہ گنبد خضریٰ کی ہے فریاد     ماتم نہیں یہ سی پارہ قرآن کی صدا ہے 

All powers should keep in mind that Jannatul Moallah and Jannatul Baqee are amongst Sha’air Allah therefore their respect is obligatory and desecration is illegal (Haraam). Every honourable Muslim will remain in protest till the dignity of these is restored. Longing for the day when this atmosphere of oppression, suppression, colonialism, tyranny and Malookiyyat will not more and the garden of Islam will aings become filled with joy with the Zahoor of Farzand-e-Rasool (SAAW) and Batool (S.A.).

وہ نبی (ص)کی قبرنے دی صدا مرے لال آ مرے لال آ     وہ کوئی بہن ہے دعا بلب، کسی ماں نے سوگ بڑھا دیا

Reconstruction and decoration of the shrines in Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah are the only source for the Muslim Ummah to get rid of their dilapidated condition, Shujaat Bukhari

RAWALPINDI, August 25: An important meeting of the Universal Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee Committee was presided over by Convener Alhaj Ghulam Murtaza Chauhan in which Additional Secretary General of the Tehreek Syed Shujaat Ali Bokhari was especially invited. The meeting reviewed the arrangements for Universal Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee being observed through the world Monday, Shawal 8. Syed Shujaat Ali Bokhai in his address on the occasion said that reconstruction and decoration of the shrines in Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Moallah are the only source for the Muslim Ummah to get rid of their dilapidated condition. That is why he said, the Poet of the East had said: "سرمہ ہے میری آنکھ کا خاک مدینہ و نجف".

Alhaj Ghulam Murtaza Chauhan told the participants of the meeting that Matmi protest rallies will be taken out in small and big cities and towns of the country including the Federal Capital Islamabad and Rawalpindi on 8 Shawal which will be led by Ulema, intelligentsia, religious and political leaders belonging to different schools of thought. He called upon the print and the electronic media to give complete coverage to these programmes to fulfil the obligation of Ajr-e-Risalat.

A resolution adopted on the occasion paid rich tributes to the Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi for observing the Youm-e-Inhidam Jannatul Baqee for the last quarter a century and highlighting the issue of its reconstruction and resolved that no sacrifice would be spared on his call in connection with his mission for ‘Wila’ and ‘Aza’. Another resolution expressed grave concern over Drone attacks despite restoration of Nato supplies contrary to the desire of the people while preparations were also under way to carry out Waziristan operation. The resolution called upon the rulers to take a consensus decision on the issue by bringing the same in the Parliament for debate. The resolution condemned terrorism, target killings, suicide attacks, Drone attacks and incidents of committing massacre of innocent people by getting them down from buses on Shahrah-e-Gilgit. No one takes care of the poor people and the rulers get busy in their work after giving half-cooked statements, it added. The resolution expressed concern that terrorists are arrested by the governments and released by courts and demanded to remove the errors in the law in this connection. It made it clear that crimes could not be given cover despite freeing terrorists for lack of proof and by making the banned groups sit in forums. Declaring these groups banned officially is the proof of their being terrorists.

Yes another resolution said that America has accused the Syrian army of using chemical weapons after a similar use in Iraq and Afghanistan and this resolution terms the Chinese reaction correct that this statement indicates that America was bracing up for taking action against Syria and for an excuse she has got the Syrian membership of the OIC suspended during its recent summit and all this was being done with the support of Muslim rulers. The resolution called upon the Muslim States to display courage and get the American dragon rid of their respective countries instead of feeding her with milk so as to alight themselves from problems and difficulties.

Another resolution termed the announcement of Gilgit-Baltistan government to make the Shahrah-e-Gilgit save because there is need to take joint steps along with the provincial government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa while the sensitive routes of Parachinar-Afghanistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Quetta-Taftaan should be monitored by helicopters laced with modern equipment after a joint protective plan comes in place. Another resolution strongly condemned the efforts of a private TV channel to link the Maktab-e-Tashih with minorities in a programme about terrorism. The resolution said that the biased host of that programme should keep in mind that Ahle Tashih are 40 per cent of the recognised schools of thought as far as the population of the motherland is concerned and this fact is recognised that only two recognised schools thought i.e. Fiqh-e-Hafani and Fiqh-e-Jafariya are settled in this country who had a central role in creation of Pakistan and improving it and these two are ever ready to offer any sacrifice for its defence and solidarity and will not allow anyone to cause harm to its integrity. The resolution demanded from the said TV channel proprietors to avoid inviting the banned groups to their forums and impose ban on the biased anchors.

Eidul Fitr observed with simplicity to express solidarity with the bereaved families of the victims of terrorism in Babusar Naran, Kamra

RAWALPINDI, August 21: Eidul Fitr observed with simplicity on the call of Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi to express solidarity with the bereaved families of the victims of terrorism in Babusar Naran, Shuhada-e-Gilgit and Baltistan, Kamra, Karachi, Quetta, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa incidents. Like other cities of the country, Eid congregations were held in Jamia Masajid and open places in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Federal Capital of Islamabad. Ulema Karam in their khutbaat highlighted the national and international matters. The central congregation of Fiqh-e-Jafariya was organised at the M.C. Boys High School Satellite Town Rawalpindi where Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi’s special representative Mufti Basim Abbas Zahiri led the prayers and delivered the khutba while Shaikh Ijaz Hussain Madras addressed the gathering on the topic of philosophy of Eid.

Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi, central spokesman of the TNFJ presented a resolution which was approved by thousands of participants among vociferous slogans in which grave concern was expressed that citizens of Pakistan are observing Eid today at a time when the oppression, brutality and suppression were ripe all around, Drone attacks, blasts, suicide attacks, incidents of murder and arson, target killings have made the life of the people difficult and not a single days passes in peace and tranquillity. After one incident of terrorism after the other in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Karachi, and Quetta the attack on 27 Ramazan in which dozens of innocent fast-keeping passengers were martyred heinously through firing on the Gilgit-bound buses. The chief of the colonial powers was reaping the benefit of weakness of Muslims and the wrong policies of the rulers and politicians are strengthening their objectives who desire to divide Muslims by fanning biases. Paying homage to the great sacrifice of Shuhada, the resolution made it clear that the whole nation shares the grief of the bereaved families of the Shuhada. The resolution demanded from the government to identify culprits of these incidents and give them exemplary punishment.

This gathering strongly demanded from the Government of Pakistan to deploy army on the sensitive routes to Shahrahs Gilgit-Baltistan, Quetta-Taftaan, Peshawar-Parachinar for making the same free of any risk for the citizen travelling on these routes while security posts should also be established en route on these Shahrahs. It was stated that all routes leading to China, Afghanistan and Iran are highly sensitive and of geographical importance. The enemy desires that Pakistan could not establish better relations with brotherly States of Afghanistan, Iran and China and to the contrary accept Indian supremacy on the American desires. The international powers are playing their heinous games for quite long, the nation is fed up by picking dead bodies while the enemy desires to keep Pakistan away from her long-standing friends. Declaring the terrorist attacks on Kamra Airbase followed by GHQ and Mehran Base is an open challenge to the national integrity and such incident could not take place without the help of inner elements therefore it is necessary to purify the security organisations from black sheep.

Paying homage to all Shuhada of the Pakistan’s armed forces, the resolution called upon the government to impose restrictions on the activities of the banned terrorist groups because they have become a risk for peace in Pakistan by working with new names. It is tragic that the government and the opposition also misuse their terrorist groups that are fed by the foreign aid and they are expected to do so in the coming elections also. The resolution demanded from the Chief Justice to take notice of continuous release of terrorists from the lower courts, if the administration does not investigating the matter correctly then why he is not taking any notice.

The resolution lamented that Syrian membership of the OIC in its recent summit was suspended on the American desire and it has become clear that the summit was summon on the desire of chief of the colonial powers and all Muslim rulers are playing in the hands of colonial powers. The satanic forces are trampling the people of the Muslim States through OIC and Arab League and in these countries no one could preach his own beliefs. In Bahrain, minority is ruling the majority where a Muslim State has entered her forces to help the Bahraini government and the innocent people there are being killed heinously. The question arises that when plebiscite can be organised in Mashriqi Taimoor and Sudan then why not in Kashmir and why the long-standing Kashmir and Palestine issues are still unresolved.

The resolution said that a particular school of thought was inducted in Council of the Islamic Ideology and Ruet-e-Hilal Committee in total contradiction of the Constitution, therefore, all schools of thought should be given the leadership of the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee turn by turn. The 20 members of the Council of Islamic Ideology are diehard supporters of the government while there is only one representative from the Millat-e-Jafariya which is contrary to justice and fair-play. Pakistan was created by Sunni-Shia Muslims jointly and we reiterate our resolve that we will not allow any power in the world to weaken it. We want to make it clear on the powers that be we will never accept any bargaining on our rights and will support any line of action given by the Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi for achievement of our religious rights.

Allama Mohsin Ali Hamdani at Jamia Masjid Qasr-e-Abu Talib, Allama Matloob Hussain Taqi at Jamia Masjid Shah Piyara Chaur Harpal, Allama Basharat Imami at Jamia Masjid Qasr-e-Khadijatul Kubra Tarlai Kalan, Allama Fakhar Abbas Abidi at Darbar Sakhi Azmal Badshah Dehlalia, Allama Malik Taimurul Hassan Qummi at Masjid and Imambargah Qasr-e-Hasnain Hussainabad, Allama Hussain Muqaddasi at Jamia Masjid Ahle Bait, Syed Waqar Hussain Qummi at Jamia Masjid Qasr-e-Imam Ali Naqi, Allama Guftar Hussain Sadiqi at Jamia Masjid Jafariya, Allama Syed Akhlaq Hussain Kazmi at Qasr-e-Imam Musa Kazim, Allama Qamar Abbas Kazmi at Ali Masjid G-7, and Allama Zawwar Hussain Madni at Liaquat Sports Complex led the Eid congregations and offered special prayers for the supremacy of the motherland Pakistan and for the integrity and solidarity of the country and for an end to terrorism from the country.

Moosavi has appeals the countrymen to observe the Eidul Fitr with simplicity

ISLAMABAD, August 19: The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has appealed the countrymen to observe the Eidul Fitr with simplicity to express devotion to the sons of the soil who fell victim to Babusar bus firing incident, Shuhada-e-Gilgit and Baltistan, Kamra incidents and acts of terrorism in Karachi, Quetta, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and to express solidarity with their bereaved families and they should also pray for high status of Shuhada and for an end to terrorism. The job of the rulers is not only to inform about the dangers rather to save the nation from the same but unfortunately our rulers feel their duty is fulfilled after giving a warning of the dangers. The rulers should arrest the culprits of all incidents including that of Babusar and Kamra incidents and give them exemplary punishment. The real Eid of Ahle Islam and Pakistan would come on the day when the oppressed will meet their fate and rights of the oppressed the world over including Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq, Bahrain are realized and the flag of Islam will flutter high through the world after the durable peace is restored. These views were expressed by him in a special message on the occasion of Eidul Fitr.

Agha Moosavi said there is a saying of Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib that (A.S.) goes: Eid is only for the one whose fasts have been accepted by Allah and his Nimaz is recognition and every that day on which Ma’asiat of Allah is not committed is the day of Eid (Nehjul Balaghah). He said today the residents of Muslim Ummah and Pakistan are observing Eid in such circumstances when oppression and brutality were the order of the day; Drone attacks, blasts, suicide attacks, incidents of murder, arson and target killings have made the life of the people difficult. Not a single day passes without such incidents, he said adding that incidents of terrorism in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Karachi, and Quetta with regular intervals; firing at the Gilgit-bound bus at Babusar killing fasting passengers after establishing their identity are just more than heinous acts. He said the chief of the international colonial powers was reaping the benefit of Muslims’ weaknesses while the wrong policies of the rulers and the politicians were strengthening their nefarious objectives of dividing Muslims by promoting biases.

The TNFJ chief lamented that from home to the mosque, from common office to the GHQ, from villages and towns to the Federal Capital no place remained safe. Sometimes Sunnis, sometimes Barelvis, Shias, minorities, those who speak different languages and sometimes residents of other provinces fall victim of these acts of terrorism which clearly indicates that the enemy desires to weaken Muslims by fanning lingual, regional, sectarian feelings, he added. However, he said, thanks God the nation has proved at every stage that attack on any Maslak, Maktab, province is the attack on Islam and Pakistan and no satanic power on earth or their agents could create differences amongst them. Whoever would try to create differences amongst them would not be a Sunni, Shia or Barelvi but the agent and tool in the hands of the satanic powers and their agents, he added.

Agha Moosavi said every Muslim is under the obligation to pay a particular amount as Fitrana on this Eid and deliver it to the Mustahiqeen. He said we are followers of Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S.) who when asked that how he eats Naan and barleys and in what simple condition he is, he replied: How can Ali (A.S.) eat full intake of food when people with empty stomach are around him. His reply, he added, preaches a lesson to our rulers and politicians that how much Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S.) was concerned about the have-nots and the poor.

The Quaid-i-Millat Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said there is wisdom that Allah Has made the support to Fuqara, have-nots, oppressed and the poor on the occasion of Eidul Fitr obligatory. After paying Fitrana, the day begins with Eid prayers in which the people from the city gather and display collective dignity, unity and religious and Islamic brotherhood, he added. He further said that after the Khutba-e-Eid by shaking hands and by hugging each other they tell the world that we share our grieves and pains and then efforts are made to give up mutual bickering, hatred and enmities by meeting each other throughout the day. This activity is actual Eid on which everyone purifies his inner soul from all types of mistakes, impurity, and enmities, he concluded.

Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin observed throughout the country

RAWALPINDI, August 17: Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin was observed throughout the country on Juma-tul-Widah on the call of Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi on the occasion of Internatinal Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin during which protest rallies and protest demonstrations were taken out in all small and big cities and towns of the country against Zionist occupation of Qibla-e-Awwal, Zionist and Hindu oppressions in Palestine and Kashmir, incident of Babusar Gilgit, and terrorist attack on Kamra Airbas.

In Federal Capital Islamabad, a strong protest rally was taken out from Hazrat Bari Sarkar’s father Sakhi Mahmood Badshah’s Darbar. It was led by Syed Shujaat Ali Bokhari Additional Secretary General TNFJ, Shaikat Abbas Jafri, Agha Syed Muhammad Murtaza Moosavi Advocate, Agha Syed Ali Roohul Abbas Moosavi Advocate, Allama Guftar Hussain Sadiqi, Allama Syed Muhammad Ali Hussaini, Maulana Shahzad Hussain Sundi, Bawa Syed Dilbar Shah Naqvi, Z.A. Raja, Prof. Ghulam Abbas Haideri, Asghar Haideri, Qudrat Ullah Haideri and others. The rally was addressed by District Convener of the TNFJ Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin Committee Islamabad, Mukhtar Force Chairman Ch. Abu Baidar Ali, and others.

A resolution adopted on the occasion among vociferous slogans said that International Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin is being observed today at a time when the whole world of humanity, particularly the Muslim States, have become the target of colonial powers and some are still being targeted. The recent Makkah Summit of the OIC indicates that it was summoned on the desire of international chief of colonial powers only and only to suspend the membership of Syria despite a fact to the contrary that if there is any objection about any member then it is given a chance to present its point of view by inviting to the meeting but Syria was not even invited for the recent meeting and her membership has been suspended without listening to their point of view which is extremely unjustifiable act performed to please the international chief of colonial powers.

The resolution said that in this situation no one should remain in any good understanding because it is now the working methodology of the international chief of colonial powers that she gets the membership of the country suspended through Arab League when she desires to carry out any activity against any Arab States so as to pave way for that activity. This is what happened with Tunis, Egypt, Yemen and Libya and it is the turn of Syria. The satanic forces are trampling the people of the Muslim States through OIC and Arab League and in these countries no one could preach his own beliefs. In Bahrain, minority is ruling the majority where a Muslim State has entered her forces to help the Bahraini government and the innocent people there are being killed heinously. Both Arab League and OIC neither listen to their woes nor international powers are attracted to their voice.

The resolution further said that had the OIC any life then instead of taking a decision to take the issue of oppression against Burma to the United Nations, it would have taken a courageous step itself. The question arises that whether the United Nations Organisation is blind that it could not see this oppression contrary to the activities they see in Mashriqi Taimoor and Sudan and also carry out plebiscite there because Muslims are being targeted there while despite presence of United Nations Resolutions about the Kashmir and the Palestine issues these long-standing issues are still unresolved just because of an organisation like the United Nations has been keeping these issues to its toes. Why this Hippocratic attitude against Muslims? The Islamic World needs answer to this question from the international organisations.

The resolution lamented that that despite passage of half a century the Muslim Ummah could not get Al-Quds Al-Sharif rid of the Zionist clutches but America and her agent international organisations are further strengthening Israel rather Arab States are being used to get Arab States exit Arab League to bring changes in those States so as to weaken these States and impose Israeli supremacy there.

Later, the participants of the rally burnt the effigy of American President Obama and raised vociferous slogans against America, Israel, and India. They then returned to Darbar Sakhi Mahmood Shah Badshah where special prays were offered for rooting out of problems faced by the Muslim Ummah, and for the integrity, solidarity and development of the motherland Pakistan. The participants of the rally later dispersed peacefully.


In Rawalpindi, main Youm Al-Quds Himayat Mazloomin procession was taken out from Imambargah Ashiq Hussain Teli Mohallah under the auspices of District Youm Al-Quds Himayat Mazloomin Committee of the TNFJ. The procession was led by Meesam Tammar Jafri Central Convener of Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin Committee, TNFJ Regional Council Rawalpindi President Allama Syed Abul Hassan Taqi, Allama Mohsin Ali Hamdani, Allama Hussain Muqaddasi, Alhaj Ghulam Murtaza Chauhan, Ch. Abu Baidar Ali, Syed Amjad Hussain Naqvi, Saleem Hussain Bangash, Allama Waqar Hussain Naqvi Al-Qummi, Allama Javed Haideri, Allama Sajjad Gardezi, Secretary International Youm Al-Quds Himayat Mazloomin Committee Dr. S.M. Rizvi, Sajjad Hussain Kazmi, Farzand Ali Shah and others.

After reaching Committee Chowk, Allama Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi Central Secretary Information TNFJ addressing the rally said that the day is being observed at a time when attacked Kamra Airbase on 27th of Ramazan which also the Pakistan Day and when the Gilgit-bound bus was attacked and innocent fasting passengers were given a bloodbath which is tragic and condemnable. These incidents, he added, has unveiled the government claims. Markazi Convener Meesam Tammar in his address said that the contacts of the Federal and Provincial government with the banned groups are the basic reason of incidents of terrorism, murder and arson. He appealed the Chief Justice to take immediate notice of this precarious situation and take concrete and practical steps to get the people rid of terrorism and those banned groups that are responsible for it.

A resolution unanimous adopted by the participants of the rally on the occasion condemning the colonial activities going on in Muslim States and terrorist activities in Pakistan by its perpetual enemies said that this nefarious tactics are an open challenge to the Muslim Ummah and the Pakistani nation. The resolution said the whole nation is the symbol of protest on the occasion of International Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin that is their basic right and it would continue till the oppressed reach their fate.

The resolution demanded from the government to give exemplary punishment to the gory terrorists who were turning the foundations of the motherland hollow through continuous incidents of terrorism. It strongly demanded from the Government of Pakistan to take concrete protective measures to make the sensitive routes to Shahrahs Gilgit-Baltistan, Quetta-Taftaan, Peshawar-Parachina free of any risk for the citizen travelling on these routes because contrary to the government claims many incidents have taken place on these routes killing dozens of innocent people and hundreds of them were still under treatment in hospitals. Ensuring that these Shahrahs are made risk-free is the responsibility of the provincial governments. Similarly, Pakistan Airbase and the GHQ had been targeted by terrorism; therefore, the government should take concrete steps to root out terrorism and for the protection of life and property of the people instead of giving a mere lip-service. In this connection ban should immediately be imposed on the already banned groups working with new names.

The participants of the rally resolved their commitment that they will continue their practical struggle in the larger interest of Islam, Pakistan and its people. No power on earth could create differences amongst us. We are one and will thwart every conspiracy and mischief of our combined enemy by becoming one and pious through our exemplary unity, they said.

Meanwhile, according to reports reaching here from other parts of the country protest rallies in connection with the Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin were taken out from Imambargah Ghulam Haider Mohallah Rassi Wattan in Peshawar, Muhammadia Imambargah Dera Ghazi Khan, Shah Faisal Colony Karachi, Qasr-e-Zainab Bhakkr, Bargah Wali Al-Asr Multan, Adda Pasrorian Sialkot, Muzaffarabad, Bagh, Dadu, Khairpur Mirs, Chakwal, Sargodha, Gilgit, Faisalabad, Kohat, Sheikhupura, Gujranwala, Jhelum, Deena, Kasur, Gojra, Khanewal, Bahawalpur, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Sehwan Sharif, Noshero Feroze and other cities.

Attack at Kamra Airbase and firing incidents on fasting passengers of Gilgit-bound buses are tantamount to making Pakistan’s roots hollow, annexation of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and independence of Palestine and Kashmir should be the foremost objective of the Muslim Ummah, Qods Day Message of Quaid

RAWALPINDI, August 16: The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said terrorist attack at Kamra Airbase on the occasion of 27th Ramazan Shab-e-Qadr and firing incidents on fasting passengers of Gilgit-bound buses are tantamount to making Pakistan’s roots hollow, suspending the Syrian members by OIC summit without knowing their point of views is aimed at strengthening the agenda of international colonial powers that proves that the current summit was summoned on the desire of chief of the international colonial powers the basic agenda of which was to suspend Syrian membership that is why America was first to welcome that decision despite the fact that she has no right to interfere in the affairs of the Muslim States. If the Myanmar issue could be taken to the United Nations then why not Syrian issue could be treated the same wa? He said annexation of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and independence of Palestine and Kashmir should be the foremost objective of the Muslim Ummah and it could only be possible when all Muslims practically express hatred against the international satanicism keeping their differences aside so as to bag the final victory in favour of Muslims and the oppressed. This was stated by him in a special message on the occasion of International Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin that is being observed throughout the world and Pakistan on Jumatul Widah with religious and national spirit.

Agha Moosavi said that during the era of second khalifate, Bait Al-Maqdas came in the hands of Muslims and a peace agreement was signed according to which Christians were allowed to perform their religious rites independently. The majority of this city comprised Muslim Arabs who considered Al-Quds Al-Sharif holiest owing to be the Qibla-e-Awwal. He said changes kept on taking place as the time passed so much so that the colonial powers tried to occupy it again sent a wave of concern amongst Muslims. The Palestine issue surfaced as an important issue in the Arab World in the 1940 decade and topped the international issues. On May 14, 1948 (1367 Hijra) when British government pulled out its forces giving up their control, National Council for Zionists came into being in Tel Aviv the same day and formation of Israeli government was announced. The then American president Truman recognised that government within a few hours and Britain handed over all its war resources to Israelis.

The TNFJ chief said that at present the efforts of the United Nations are ineffective owing to double standards adopted by them. He said Israel had occupied Bait Al-Maqdas in June 1967. Israelis put the Masjid Al-Aqsa on fire in August 1969 on which the Islamic World became the symbol of protest and the cold feelings of the Muslim Ummah became alive in the shape of formation of Islamic Conference (OIC) the first summit of which took place in Rabat in 1969 and in which more than two dozens of Muslim States participated. The second summit took place in Lahore, Pakistan in 1974 in which 27 States took part which followed the third OIC summit in Taif in 1981 and so son. Now the current OIC summit was held on 26-27 Ramazan in Jeddah in which Muslims States including Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan participated.

Agha Moosavi said that agenda of the current summit included oppression against Muslims in Burma; external interference in Syria; review of changes in Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Tunis and Libya; and issues of Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif. He said Kashmir issue is the biggest issue of the South Asia and only presenting it in the foreign ministers’ meeting was not enough rather a clear-cut decision on it should had been taken and ignoring it tantamount to supporting the Hindu Banya. Similarly the oppression of minority on the majority in Bahrain was also avoided to put on this agenda which is a big excess. He said there are 57 member States of the OIC and 1.75 billion are Muslims. The problems of the Islamic World are as it were despite the OIC being the biggest international organisation after the United Nations and now the OIC has got fame as ‘B’ team of the international colonial powers.

The TNFJ chief said there is every possibility that the current OIC summit was summoned on the desire of international colonial powers because most of the States included in it follow Malookiyyat and where the rulers have made the lives of their own people difficult and the oppressions and difficulties facing by the people there are not mentionable. He said had there been any life in the OIC, then it would have achieved the right to veto first, would have curbed the mutual differences in Muslim States, got have rid of international colonial powers, would not have allowed the colonial powers infiltrate into their States, would have made them exit and would have forced them to stop desecration of Mashaheer-e-Islam and Sha’air Allah immediately.

Agha Moosavi expressed grave concern that Al-Quds Al-Sharif was still in the Zionist control, oppression against Kashmiris has reached its height, Muslims are unsafe in foreign countries, Muslims and minorities could not perform their worship in Belgium, France and other States. He said the current OIC summit also adopted some resolutions, unity and brotherhood was expressed but the Muslim Ummah desires to see some practical steps. He said the OIC should achieve independence for the people of its member States first, provide protection to the minorities, do not put restriction on the worship and religious rites, and honour and dignity of the Sha’air Allah should not be allowed to be trampled.

The TNFJ chief made it clear that following were the objectives and principles of the OIC that: Islamic unity and stability will be promoted; society, culture, scientific collaboration and monetary spirit will be strengthened, racial biases, colonialism and Zionism will be checked in any case; international peace and tranquillity and protection of holy places will be ensured; all Muslim States will promote the atmosphere of mutual understanding; and struggle for national rights will be carried out by keeping the Muslim Ummah away from traditions. He said in addition the OIC principles include that collective, equality among the member States, non-interference and dignity of the right of plebiscite in these States will be assured, independence of every State will be respected and mutual confrontation will be resolved peacefully and armed interference will be avoided. He said the most elite members of the OIC will have to submit whether these objectives and principles of the organisation were met?

Agha Moosavi said that contrary to these principles and objectives, not only the international colonial powers and their agents rather Muslim States are interfering in the affairs of other States rather the dignity of Sha’air Allah and Mashaheer-e-Islam is being trampled and colonial agent Muslim rulers are inviting interference of international chief of colonial powers and their agents. He said after the 9/11 incident, Afghanistan and Iraq were destructed, open interference was carried out in Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Yemen while Syrian is at present on their target. He said international colonial powers consider Pakistan a mole in their eyes and continues making one excuse or the other to cause any harm to our atomic plant because Pakistan is the citadel of Islam and being an atomic power it enjoys the right to lead the Islamic World. He said Saudi Arabia is the last target of the colonial powers.

The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said before we are deprived of Bait Allah after Al-Quds Al-Sharif, we on the occasion of International Youm Al-Quds Himayat-e-Mazloomin should ensure that if Allah can destruct the Abraha’s lashkar then could also destruct today’s Abraha and thwart her mischief and conspiracy. He advised the Muslims to depend on Zaat-e-Purwardigar instead of banking on colonial powers and bow down before Allah for forgiveness and seek destruction of enemies of humanity and Shariat. He said Islam preaches peace and tranquillity and all Muslims enjoy their happiness and grieves, therefore, we would continue protesting oppression wherever it would be. He said it is our habit to support the oppressor wherever he is and we will continue our struggle with sincerity of purpose towards that direction.